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Posted on Mar. 19/08

Corali has galleries at ATK Natural & Hairy all over the place. She's got some sets in the young and hairy section, the hairy fun section and also in scary hairy. Her first set there appeared in volume 293.

If you like girls like Corali, there are several that I can think of offhand that are very similar to her, such as Bunny, Caroline and Marci to name a few. The search for similar models from Corali's page at ATK gives you completely different girls than what I just mentioned. Oh well. But if you go to their search engine and search for girls with large tits then you'll find something like 250 models including all the ones I just thought of. That search engine is way cool!

Corali is 18 years old and has a 38" bust. What a massive set of lungs on her, eh? She's also got hairy legs too, which I know some of you will like.

There is also a full bio available on Corali, and she lists her occupation as retired. How the fuck can she be retired at 18? She's either kidding or else she's really a lazy bitch and has given up on working for a living.

She seems to be a bit kinky too. She likes piercings and tattoos, and she has some of her own too. You probably already noticed that she has her clit pierced. But she says that she wants to receive oral sex while being hung from her ankles. If you had your own dungeon, then you could just hang her up and lick her hairy snatch while she's hanging there and she'd love it. And if you have her tied up anyway, why not spread her legs apart wide and stick your dick up her too?

I've seen many different girls posing in this red kitchen. The photographer R. Williams is one of my favorites. He does really nice work, and I'm getting pretty good at recognizing his backgrounds and scenes. All the galleries he's shot in his green room on that white furry bedspread are awesome too, and I mean every one!

So what else about Corali? She's a big girl, she weighs in at 170 pounds, she's 6' tall, and she wants to fuck!

You can see all of Corali's great work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Dirty Girl Diva
Posted on Mar. 18/08

These shots of Diva are from a gallery that was half an outdoor cheerleader set and half of her inside on a bed. I wonder how that came about? Oh well, the part of her on the bed are pretty awesome!

She's a decent spreader and has a nice-looking slit. She also looks like she's very playful in the bedroom. Do you think that maybe she's a preggo? She sure has a nice cunt on her though, and I loved this gallery.

You probably remember seeing this girl before, her first set was of her wearing some cat's ears, and also took place on a bed. That was way back in scary hairy volume 293.

Diva is 23 years old and has a 36C bust. She works as a glass blower and says she likes men who like to fuck outdoors... so perfect!

She describes her perfect man as someone who can talk dirty to her in different languages. I can't speak any other languages but I'm good at accents and could easily fake it and she wouldn't know. Just throw in the word ho here and there and you're all set. What you actually say is not crucial, it's all in the tone of your voice! So pound her up the ass somewhere outside and talk dirty to the bitch and she'd love you for it. How sweet is that?

You can see all of Diva's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Bushy Housewife
Posted on Mar. 17/08

Sheryll did a nice job of showing of her bushy cunt in this hot housewife scene. I like how she's just standing there and you can see what a nice thick bush she has. And some of those shots of her squatting while up on the counter are pretty nice too, because then you can see her pussy lips hanging down. I would so love to stick my dick up her hairy twat!

And yes, those shots of her pulling her hairy pussy open from behind are pretty awesome too. I could easily picture myself standing behind her and fucking her up against that counter.

Sheryll has eleven nice galleries including a lesbian set and a few hairy fun scenes. She also has 13 movies.

She's 25 years old and is actually listed as a redhead. She works as a barmaid and says she gets turned on by the smell of sex. Hah!

You can see all of Sheryll's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Madeline's Meaty Cunt Lips
Posted on Mar. 16/08

Madeline is an excellent spreader with 10 awesome galleries. Her sets are all so nice, I really didn't know which gallery to show some pictures from because there's so many nice sets to choose from. These ones are from her debut gallery in scary hairy 293.

She's got a really nice cunt that looks great from the front or the back. How'd you like to get to suck on those lips for a while, huh?

I can remember at least four of her galleries that I thought were very excellent. There was the one of her on a lay-down lawn chair, in that one she's wearing sunglasses and shows off her meaty cunt lips perfectly. She also gets a garden hose and ends up sticking it up her hairy twat. If you've seen that gallery before then you'd remember that.

Then there's the one of her as a cheerleader posing outside in the grass on a blanket. That one has some excellent spreading in it too. There are some awesome shots of her showing her cunt from behind. I remember that gallery not only for those excellent pictures, but because that was the first time that I noticed that those lines up the back of her legs were actually tattoos and not stockings.

There's an excellent set of her on a garden swing where she's laying down on it and spreading very nicely. The fourth and most recent of her more excellent galleries is the one of her as a schoolgirl. She's in pigtails and she's posing on some steps outside. She lifts her skirt and shows off her meaty pussy from behind, then lifts up her skirt and spreads on the steps too... that one was totally awesome!

Madeline makes one more of the many sweet hairy models that I can easily recommend that you check out.

She's 21 years old and has a respectable 34C bust. She's only 5'2 tall, and likes suits and ties as well as the sensitive geeky type. She says her favorite position is with her ass in the air, bent over anything!

You can see all of Madeline's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Monika's Fluffy Bush
Posted on Mar. 15/08

Monika has a nice fluffy bush and I love how it stands up on its own sometimes. This is a sweet little hairy chick and she's also a decent spreader.

And check-out that shot of her from behind... man, you can almost smell that pussy and her asshole from here! Monika first appeared in scary hairy volume 293, and currently has eleven excellent galleries and nine movies. I'm sure this hairy cutie would make for a really nice fuck-toy!

She's 24 years old and I love her slim build. She's a housewife from the Czech Republic, and I must say the guy who shares her bed with her every night is one lucky prick. I'd love to have access to that sweet hairy pussy every night!

Monika enjoys licking and likes it missionary. She says that her sexual fantasy is to do two nippers. Anybody would be lucky to slip their dick up this honey.

You can see all of Monika's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Cathy's Very Hairy Ass
Posted on Mar. 14/08

This hairy chick Cathy is a sweetheart and has a very hairy ass. As you can tell from these pictures, she's got hairy pits, a nice hairy cunt, and that hairy ass-crack is awesome! There are some very nice pictures of her spreading her hairy ass and several awesome front-shots of her spreading that nice pussy.

Cathy has 14 excellent galleries available, which total over 1,800 images. She first appeared in scary hairy volume 292, and I'm pretty sure these shots are from that set.

Cathy is 18 years old and is from the Czech Republic. She works as a waitress and says she wants to have sex on the beach.

She lists her favorite sexual position as cowgirl, and that would be perfectly fine by me. I'd love to slip it up this chick!

You can see all of Cathy's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Schoolgirl Flasher
Posted on Mar. 13/08

This hairy dish Viktoriya looked pretty hot in this nice schoolgirl set where she's lifting up her skirt and flashing her hairy pussy. I love how her bush looks kind of wild. She's got a nice muff there, and she's an excellent spreader. This is another of Natural & Hairy's models that I've always liked.

Viktoriya currently has 21 excellent galleries and 36 movies available. She's done some very nice work over the course of her career with ATK.

She's listed as a redhead but doesn't always look like one in every gallery. Sometimes she's a total redhead and sometimes you wouldn't know. But she always spreads that hairy pussy wide, and that's what really matters, right?

I did a search for similar models from her page and got 43 results which include some awesome hairy babes. Clicking on that link was an excellent move!

You can see all of Viktoriya's excellent work and lots more hairy babes like her at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Sweety Tanya
Posted on Mar. 12/08

This hairy spreader Tanya is a sweet little chick. She's got a great body, nice and slim, and she's got a perfect set of tits for her frame. I've always loved this babe.

Tanya first appeared in the scary hairy section in volume 291, and currently has 10 excellent galleries. She's a very nice spreader too.

Tanya has a ranking by the members of Natural & Hairy of 4.16 out of a possible 5, which is a pretty decent score. Doesn't her pussy look tight?

She's 21 years old and is a student from Belarussia. She says that she likes disco, so that tells me right away that she's either from Russia or one of the eastern-bloc countries. She says that someday she wants to live on the beach. I wonder if she likes to fuck in the sand under the stars?

You can see all of Tanya's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen With Nice Triangle
Posted on Mar. 11/08

Heide has 14 galleries available but this is the only one that ever appeared in scary hairy. We're up to scary hairy volume 290 now.

There are four lesbian sets of Heidi, and the rest of her work appears in the young and hairy section. She's got a great set of tits on her, doesn't she?

Heidi is 19 years old and is only 5'4. She does some modelling, works at a 7-11 and also does house cleaning.

There is also a full bio available on her too. She says that her turn-ons include pulling hair and big cocks. At this point in her life she is still hoping to finish high school. She needs to do that and get her career sorted out. And I'm sure she won't have any trouble finding some guy with a big cock who loves to put it up her!

I did a search for similar models from Heidi's page and got 23 results including some real babes and some very popular models. I love that feature of Natural & Hairy, and have found it to be very helpful at times... you see someone you especially like and voila! Just click here to see similar models. Totally cool!

Heide is from Calgary, Alberta, and says her favorite position is 69. She was also in a few lesbian sets too, remember? So I guess she goes both ways too. Heidi is an all-around horny girl and can't seem to get enough! Wouldn't you like to meet this girl?

You can see alot more of Heidi at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Plumper Veronica
Posted on Mar. 10/08

Veronica has a bit of a trail happening there, has hairy legs and has hair on her lower back. I wonder why she doesn't have a hairy ass though?

She has a big set of pointy tits, and currently has five photo galleries available as well as 18 movies.

She has a bio available, but there's not a whole lot of info there on her. But she's 24 years old and likes to spread for the camera.

This is a nice enough girl, but something's really bothering me that I can't figure out. She was given a score by the members of Natural & Hairy than yesterday's model Shane, and I can't understand why. shane scored 4.11 and this girl is at 4.12. That's not much of a higher score really, but I guess it just comes down to personal taste. If I had to pick... well let's just say that I've always loved Shane. But of course I'd still do Veronica too.

You can see all of her nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Favorite Shane
Posted on Mar. 09/08

I don't know if Shane is really everyone else's favorite, but she's definitely one of mine. I've always loved this chick. She's extremely sweet, has a very nice bush, is an excellent spreader, and I find this chick to be absolutely 100% fuckable. I would love to get to know this chick.

Shane was at one time the scary hairy icon girl, and by "icon girl" I mean that a picture of her was used for the gallery link for the scary hairy section that appears in Natural & Hairy's photos section. If you wanted to go to scary hairy, then you'd click on her picture. When I first joined Natural & Hairy years ago, Katerina was the scary hairy icon girl and held that position for quite some time. Shane eventually replaced Katerina for a few years and more recently, Shane was replaced a few months ago by Honey, who is another excellent hairy spreader.

Shane currently has 10 excellent galleries available. Her hairy cunt looks great from the front or the back, especially when you see her pussy lips hanging down... man, that is so awesome! And btw, Shane has a nice ass too.

She's 22 years old, and also has 10 nice galleries at ATK Galleria.

If you clicked on the link for similar models you'd get 18 results, and some really nice hot hairy babes there too.

I just can't say enough good about this sweetheart. You'll have to see all her galleries to really appreciate what an absolute babe this girl really is.

You can see all of Shane's very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Scary Hairy Olga
Posted on Mar. 08/08

Olga has a nice hairy cunt but she doesn't look so scary, does she? Not at all! She's got hairy pits and a nice triangle. I wouldn't exactly say this chick is gorgeous, but I sure wouldn't mind banging her.

These shots of hairy Olga came from the scary hairy section of course, volume 287. She currently has 10 nice galleries and 16 movies. She also has appeared at ATK Galleria where she has some hardcore stuff.

Olga has a light coating of hair on her legs, and has hairy pits. She looks sexy when she's sitting back with her legs spread and her arms over her head, which allows you to see the whole package, the way she looks in this first picture.

She's 24 years old and says she works in sales. She loves masturbating and what a coincidence! She's got a dildo out in this gallery. I'm sure she knows how to use that thing efficiently. I sure wouldn't mind watching her fuck herself with that live and in person.

In Olga's full bio she says that she loves to do it cowgirl. I sure wouldn't mind letting her get on top. I thought before that it her favorite sexual position was reverse cowgirl, which would have explained why she loves to spread her pussy from behind for the camera. Oh well, I out a bit off on that one, but I'd still do her!

You can see all of Olga's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Mercury's Hairy Legs
Posted on Mar. 07/08

This girl Mercury has very hairy legs, and you know what that means... yes! Keep following those hairy legs all the way up and there's going to be a nice bush up there too.

Mercury has very hairy legs, a hairy pussy and a hairy ass too. There's hair on her arms and she hairy pits too. There's even a bit of a treasure trail. She's a total hirsute honey! And she's a very nice spreader too.

Mercury currently has five galleries and 19 movies at Natural & Hairy. this chick looks very playful and I think she'd be an interesting fuck.

She has some lesbian scenes with another hairy girl from the young and hairy section by the name Evet. They make a good match. Their builds are very similar and although Evet has a nice hairy pussy too, she's not as hairy everywhere else like Mercury is. But the whole scenes of them together are still very nice.

Mercury's galleries date back to scary hairy volume 287. She's 24 years old and is a librarian in training. Her turn-ons include aerobic positions, and masturbating in public places. I'd sure love to find her doing that some place.

You can see all of Mercury's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Blonde With Black Pubes
Posted on Mar. 06/08

This hairy spreader is Maria. I love seeing blondes with black pubes.

Maria has fine pussy hair and her pussy looks nice. And when she's opening her hole, it just looks so clean. I thought it was pretty neat how all the photographer had to was to give Maria a chocolate bar and she spreads. If you spread your hairy cunt, I'll give you this whole chocolate bar... Wouldn't it be nice if things were just that easy?

Maria's first gallery appeared in scary hairy volume 287, and she currently has 10 galleries available.

She's 26 years old and works as a secretary. She's into tall guys and fast cars. She's not fussy about any particular sexual position, and wants to get in on some group sex so she can get it on with a girl.

You can see all of Maria's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

ATK Sadie
Posted on Mar. 05/08

Sadie needs a hairdo but she's a decent spreader and has a nice cunt. That piercing on her nipple makes her look a bit cool, but I think she really needs to get her hair done.

And let's see that closeup? No... not a hair on her ass that can really be seen here, but that might change if you were able to see it with the naked eye. She does have a bush on the front though, and Sadie is always spreading her pussy.

These shots of Sadie are from scary hairy volume 286. She currently has five nice galleries available.

She's 28 years old and is an artist. She's not fussy about a sexual partner, it could be a man or a woman, but must be honest and smart.

Sadie loves to hang out at the beach and wants to get involved in a big orgy.

You can see all of Sadie's work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Babe Steph
Posted on Mar. 04/08

There were alot of great pictures in this set, and it was difficult to narrow it down to only 4 shots for this post. But that happens alot, so I'm used to it!

This chick Steph is a babe. She's got long pubes and she's a quality spreader. I really like the 2nd picture here, doesn't she look so fuckable in this shot?

Steph first appeared in scary hairy volume 286 and currently has 10 excellent galleries available. She's 20 years old and has a 36C bust, which is a nice handful.

She's from the UK and is a student, lighting tech and proofreader. She likes hairy armpits, small breasts and intelligence. Something tells me she's more into girls than men. In her bio she describes her ideal man or woman as athletic girls with short red hair & freckles who wear blue. There's a gallery of another hairy model from ATK by the name of Casey who was wearing a blue cheerleader outfit that comes to mind.

Steph wants to get a flat of her own and wants to get better at biking. She also wouldn't mind being tied up. Hmmm... so she likes to play! Anybody want to teach her some new tricks?

You can see all of Steph's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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