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Hairy Teen Ana
Posted on Jan. 31/08

This is Ana, an Australian teen from scary hairy volume 267. You can tell just from her eyebrows that she'll have a hairy pussy, and she does.

Ana is 18 years old and is a decent spreader. Ana's hairy slit looks tight and nice. She has some hair on her back too, and I chose this second picture to show you that. But I had to reduce the picture in size, and that also reduces the quality too, so now you cannot really notice it so much anymore... maybe if you look closely? Anyway, she does have some hair on her back just above her ass.

Hairy teen Ana has 10 nice galleries and 22 movies available. She's a student who loves rock'n roll, geeky boys and hopes to marry a rockstar some day.

There is a full bio available on Ana too, and in it she says also that she's looking for someone sexy, funny, and who will take care of her every night. She likes to get on top so she can control the action.

You can see all of Ana's nice work at ATK Natural and Hairy.

Sweet Hairy Sissy
Posted on Jan.30/08

Sissy was a very popular hairy model from Natural & Hairy for a long time, but unfortunately we are not seeing any new work from her anymore. She has 20 excellent galleries available, and 31 movies.

My favorite gallery I think is the series of her jerking off on a couch. The next best would probably be the ones of her with the dildo in the bathtub. Sissy is an exellent spreader, and all her work is good. It was pretty hard to decide on which four pictures to show of her because she has done so much nice work. Those of you who know of her will remember this nice set, and those of you who are seeing her for the first time here are now in love!

Besides her nice thick hairy cunt, Sissy also has a hairy ass, hairy legs, a nice trail, and even has some long hairs on her nipples. The only thing that I've negative about Sissy is that she shaves her pits. But with such a nice hairy snatch and the abundance of hair everywhere else, who cares about her pits. It's one small thing we can overlook no problem!

I liked this gallery of her doing a workout very much but there were others to choose from that were absolutely excellent too. I have a bunch of pictures of Sissy saved in my own favorites file. Damn, she's done some real nice work!

As I mentioned, Sissy is an excellent spreader and looks highly fuckable. These shots are from scary hairy volume 270, but her sets date back to scary hairy 266.

Sissy was only 18 years old when she started modelling for ATKingdom. She works as a cashier and gets turned on by muscles and bleached hair.

You can see all of Sissy's excellent work at ATK Natural and Hairy.

ATK Hairy Inna
Posted on Jan. 29/08

I loved Inna in this gallery of her in pigtails. She currently has 27 galleries and 40 movies available. This gallery of her in her pigtails are from something like her 12th gallery.

Inna is nice and slim, and has a nice wide bush. She's not the greatest spreader but she does have her moments. She also has a nice hairy ass. I'd love to fuck her from behind. Her ass looks skinny, there's no fat on it.

Inna is 19 years old and is from the Ukraine. She says she gets turned on by eating cum. She says she enjoys nature and parks. Does that mean that she likes to go park? I'd love to do her on a back seat!

You can see all of Inna's excellent work at ATK Natural and Hairy.

ATK Hairy Joanna
Posted on Jan.28/08

Joanna is a nice hairy babe who currently has eleven excellent galleries. These pictures are going back to her set in scary hairy volume 265, which is the oldest of her galleries that appear at Natural & Hairy.

As you can see, Joanna has a nice bush and nice cunt lips. She's also a real nice spreader.

Joanna is 23 years old and I love her slim build. Her shape looks nice with that set of tits on her, and the thick hairy pussy looks good on her too. This chick is a cutie who I'd love to screw deep and nice.

There is a full bio available on Joanna's model page, and she says among other things that she's from Poland, loves to do it doggie, and wants to get involved in a threesome.

Check out all of Joanna's excellent galleries at ATK Natural and Hairy.

Hairy Favorite Sophia
Posted on Jan. 27/08

Sophia has been a busy girl around ATKingdom. She currently has 30 excellent galleries and 46 movies available.

She’s been a long-time hairy favorite. She’s totally hairy, and she’s an excellent spreader. She’s got a nice pussy which is wickedly hairy too, a nice treasure trail, hairy pits, hairy legs and a hairy ass.

Sophia is 23 years old and is a cook in a restaurant. She’s got a 36? bust and wants to travel to every continent. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find another hairy babe as cute and as hairy as Sophia is. You see tons of them at ATK Natural & Hairy, but in real life where are all these girls?

There is a full bio available for Sophia too, and she says she fantasizes about being involved in group sex. She says that she likes to get on top, which is perfect… let her ride it as deep as she wants, and you can still see all her hair while she’s doing it!

Sophia is a very hairy cutie who’s done alot of work for ATK. I’m going to put her on my list of models that we want to see more of, so she’ll be back! She has so many nice galleries that it was pretty hard to choose which sample pics to show of her anyway.

You can see all of Sophia’s excellent work at ATK Natural and Hairy.

Lenka's Tight Hairy Cunt
Posted on Jan. 26/08

There are several girls at ATK Natural & Hairy who go by the name Lenka. But every one has their own model number, and this hairy babe's number is 6345.

Lenka has a tight hairy pussy and 10 nice galleries and two movies at Natural and Hairy. She also has four hardcore fuck galleries at ATK Galleria. I sure wouldn't mind being the lucky guy who gets to stick his dick up this chick, her pussy really looks tight and nice.

I noticed that she likes to stick things up her hairy twat. She seems to have a thing for that. She almost always seems to have something stuck in her hairy pussy.

Lenka is 23 years old and is a student from guess where? The Czech Republic of course! She says she likes it missionary, and her slit sure looks tight! She says that she gets turned-on by oral sex, so she'd probably be willing to give you a blowjob if you treated her right.

You can see all of Lenka's nice work at ATK Natural and Hairy.

Andrea's Hairy Snapper
Posted on Jan. 25/08

Holy shit, does this chick Andrea ever have a nice hairy snapper! You should see some of the wicked shots of her hairy twat from behind in this awesome gallery!

This is a nice little chick. I like this one. Andrea first appeared at Natural & Hairy in scary hairy volume 260. She currently has 12 nice galleries and 18 movies. There are also four hardcore galleries of her fucking at ATK Galleria. That's the site that ATK has most of their hardcore stuff at.

Andrea is 23 years old and is also from the Czech Republic. We've seen so many nice hairy girls already who are from there, I really have to make a point of visiting that place some day.

She's only 5'2, a real nice little chick like I said. She's got small tits but what an amazing hairy pussy she has. I would absolutely love to fuck this sweetheart!

Andrea also has a full bio available and says that the perfect man does not exist. Hmmm... she hasn't met any surfers from Scary Hairy Pussy yet, so maybe she'll just be amazed one day yet!

She also says that she loves it doggy. That would be fine because even if you're not crazy about that position yourself, you would be after seeing Andrea posing from that position. She's a pretty sweet dish, that's all I can say. She's even into anal sex... perfect!

You can check out all of Andrea's excellent work at ATK Natural and Hairy.

Hairy Housewife Sachi
Posted on Jan.24/08

Sachi first appeared in scary hairy volume 258 and currently has 10 nice galleries available. She's got a very thick muff and hairy pits. She has a hairy ass too but she rarely shows it off.

Sachi is 25 years old and is from Oregon. She's a tall girl, actually 6 feet tall, but I bet she'd be a nice fuck. She's looking for someone... tall, go figure!

I thought this housewife gallery was a pretty decent sample of her hairy pussy. She also has hairy legs, hair on her arms and in some pictures you can see that she even has some light hair on her chest.

You can see all of Sachi's work at ATK Natural and Hairy.

Hairy Sexy Martina
Posted on Jan. 23/08

Martina looks very fuckable in every position. She's done a ton of work for ATK, and so far she's got 19 excellent galleries and 46 movies.

She also has 17 galleries at ATK Galleria, which include a bunch of preggo ones, some really nice hardcore scenes and three watersports galleries... pretty hot if you like to see your hairy women pissing. They actually have a whole section of their site devoted just to watersports.

Martina has a hairy ass and some hair under her arms but it's not that thick. She's a housewife from the Czech Republic who loves to get breakfast in bed. If I spent a night with this hairy honey, I'm sure I could manage breakfast in bed for her the next morning no problem!

There is a full bio available on Martina, and she says among other things that her favorite sexual position is 69. Anybody want to 69 with Martina?

You can see her excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Girl Sarad
Posted on Jan.22/08

This nice hairy girl is named Sarad. This is part of a dildo scene, and is also from her first gallery which appeared in scary hairy volume 258.

She currently has 10 excellent galleries and 8 movies as well as four hardcore scenes at ATK Galleria. Sarad has a nice hairy pussy, hairy pits and a hairy ass. She looks very hot when she's showing her hairy cunt from behind, and also when she's lifting her hair above her shoulders like in the third picture.

Sarad is 29 years old and likes to have sex on the beach. I'd like to find a nice private beach with Sarad so I could sex her there. This little chick is pretty hot.

She's from the Czech Republic, as are so many of the scary hairy models that we've seen here so far.

You can see all of Sarad's excellent galleries at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Hairy Babe Cassie
Posted on Jan.21/08

Here's another nice little spreader, this is Cassie who loves to pull open her hairy twat. She also loves to show off her pussy from behind.

Cassie currentlly has 10 nice galleries, and these are from her first set. Her next set was an office babe set with her in black stockings and lingerie, she's wearing glasses and looks really sexy there. And of course she spreads her hairy cunt nice and wide. That can only be expected at ATK.

She's 24 years old and gets turned on by a man in a kilt. Cassie likes it from behind.

You can see all her nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Spreader Rea
Posted on Jan.20/08

This gallery of Rea is from scary hairy volume 257. She currently has nine excellent galleries totalling over 1,300 images, and 7 movies. Rea also has three hardcore scenes in the action section of ATK Galleria.

She's a nice little spreader. She's got hairy pits, a hairy ass and a nice tight hairy pussy. I love the way that her bush looks sort of all-over-the-place in that closeup shot.

Rea is 22 years old and hopes to own her own home someday. But for now it looks like she's living in a dump. She says in her bio that she likes disco? When I first read that I figured she must be a Russian girl but she's actually from the Czech Republic. But she's cute, so she's forgiven!

You can see all of Rea's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Scary Hairy Erica
Posted on Jan.19/08

Erica did a nice job showing off her hairy snatch in this cheerleader gallery, but since space is limited we'll skip the cheerleader rah rah rah stuff and get straight to the pussy.

As you can tell from these samples, Erica has a very hairy pussy, hairy pits, hairy legs and also happens to be an excellent spreader. She's been on alot of people's personal favorites list for years now. This girl is one of the true scary hairy models.

She currently has 10 excellent galleries and 27 movies available, and she always spreads wide in every gallery, of course! Erica also has 11 really nice galleries at ATK Exotics.

Erica is 29 years old and works as a bartender. She likes punk rock and high femmes in bondage. Erica also says that her favorite sexual position is doggy. Too bad I didn't select any shots of her from behind, because she looks just as fuckable in that position as well. We'll have her back sometime and we'll check-out her hairy ass.

You can see all of Erica's excellent galleries at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Russian Babe Lena
Posted on Jan. 18/08

Lena is a nice little hairy spreader with 10 excellent galleries available. She's got a nice bush and nice cunt lips, as well as a hairy ass that she loves to show off. I also love the dark-colored pubes.

This hairy Russian babe is 21 years old and is a student. She likes dancing and wants to get involved in some group sex.

If you went to her model page at Natural & Hairy, could you sign yourself up so you could be on the list of Lena's next sex partners? No, but you can check out all her excellent galleries. Nice try though.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

Tight Hairy Eva
Posted on Jan. 17/08

Eva made over 20 galleries and 21 movies during her modelling career at Natural & Hairy. She also has four hardcore sets at ATK Galleria that look pretty good. I'm only judging the hardcore scenes by the thumbnail previews only, as I have not seen these sets myself.

This chick has a wide triangle and a nice set of lungs on her. Her pussy sure looks tight, especially in the 3rd and 4th pictures here. How'd you like to pump that tight hairy hole for a night or so?

Eva is 26 years old and is a student. Besides giving us quite alot of nice content to view, she also has a full bio available too, which I've found is always entertaining as well. For example, Eva says that her hopes and dreams are to spend spare time good. Hmmm... I could sure think of a good way that we could spend some spare time together!

And she's also another hairy girl to add to the list of models who come from the Czech Republic. How many has that been so far? Eva's favorite position so far is 69. She wants more sex experience and wants to fuck some more people in her life.

You can see all her nice work ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Tereza
Posted on Jan. 16/08

This hairy cutie Tereza has always been one of my many favorites. I liked her from the very first time I saw her. As you can tell, she's got hairy pits and really nice hairy pussy, a great set of tits, and I just like her overall shape. This little hairy cutie would make a perfect fuck-toy. Oh yes, she's a person too... she'd probably be fun to hang out with!

Tereza was 23 years old when she started modelling for ATKingdom. She's got a 35" bust, and her tits are listed as medium. But I think she carries them very well. I'd love to have her get on top and dangle those in my face while she rides my cock.

This hairy hottie is another of the many sweet hairy puntas that we've seen from the Czech Republic. We've talked about several girls who are from there already, and there will be many more.

Tereza lists her favorite sexual position as doggy. She has a hairy ass too, but you can really only notice that hair in the closeup shots of her ass.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

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