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Long Dreads And A Nice Bush
Posted on Dec. 16/11

So were up to volume 565 in our quest to cover all the Scary Hairy models starting from way back, and this is where Wynd came along.

Wynd is a slim hairy hippy chick who has probably too many tattoos, and shes got very long dreads too. Shes got a hairy pussy and that slit of hers would certainly feel nice and tight.

Shes got 25 galleries now that are really worth checking out. She did did a bunch of very nice sets back in 2008 and then she returned to ATK Hairy again in 2011 for a repeat performance.

And now shes got the longest dreads Ive seen in a long time. I like her bush too, and yes, Id love to feel that tight cunt wrapped around my dick too. I know you were thinking that anyway.

Shes 23 years old, is 5'6, and shes into goth and punk. And of course she likes pizza.

You can check all of Wynds very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Girl Sarah
Posted on Dec. 2/11

Here's a nice treat from scary hairy volume 564. This is Sarah, who has a nice furry pussy and some cool thigh spillage. I've always liked her work.

Sarah has 20 galleries and four movies. She's also got a very nice hairy ass crack and a treasure trail too.

She's 20 years old and describes her job as looking busy. She'd like to find a tall, sexy man who is good in bed. Wouldn't you just love to suck that nice cunt for her?

Sarah is from Oregon and her favorite place is in the woods. Don't forget to bring a blanket.

You can see all of Sarah's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Janine Has An Awesome Bush
Posted on Nov. 5/11

This hairy girl Janine looks like she'd be lots of fun to hang out with. Check out that awesome bush.... and she kind of has saggy tits and a few tattoos but wow! Yes, we definitely could fuck!

I love the thigh spillage. It looks really nice on her. And that pussy she's got? Holy shit... wouldn't that feel nice, too? I think in Janine's case it might be a good idea to just slowly stick it in and then let her do all the work. But you still have to eventually push it in deep. But that would be ok too, right?

She has a personal bio and several photo galleries available. Go and see all her very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Blonde Sweety
Posted on Oct. 21/11

Monula has always been a sweety. She looks totally hot especially when she'd got her legs open but I also love how she looks from behind. Damn, that is pretty sweet.

These shots are from scary hairy volume 560, and the photography is provided by J.Ant. She also has 6 galleries available now. If you happen to be on the hunt for more hairy blondes then you are totally in luck... ATK Hairy has tons of awesome hairy blonde spreaders to see. There are too many to list really, so let's just say that you'll be quite happy just checking out the hairy blondes only.

The similar models link from Monula's page gets you some nice results with some babes that look alot like Monula. The closest match is a hairy Czech babe called Mariah.

Monula is 21 years old and wants a hot partner. She's into soft S & M, and says her favorite sexual position is cowgirl. This hairy Czech blonde girl just gets cuter and cuter!

You can see all of Monula's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Cute Hairy Chloe
Posted on Oct. 14/11

As far as I can remember, every girl named Chloe that I've ever seen at ATK Hairy is cute. And this dish Chloe, even though she's pretty much been long forgotten about by now, is very cute too. I'd love to get to do it to something sweet like this. Any time.

These shots are from scary hairy volume 562, but I liked the set from scary hairy 564 better. That one has some proper spread shots. One member was right about saying she'd do better if she had a different photographer.

Another member also said, I'd love to see Chloe back, with a raunchier photographer. Lots of luscious pussy shots, a stunning model.

Chloe has 7 galleries now, and no bio info. There are also no similar models available from her model page. The link is there, but there are no results, which is quite odd. They really seemed to have dropped the ball on this one, but Chloe is still cute.

You can see all of Chloe's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Plumper Mitzy
Posted on Oct. 7/11

Mitzy is a young hairy kinky plumper. She's got a nice face and a decent set of tits on her, and she looks quite tight too.

She's got a nice bush, hairy pits, a couple of tattoos, and she's always smiling. She has 9 photo galleries available, some of which are marked as hot, plus she has 4 movies.

Mitzy is 25 years old and works as a babysitter. She likes big laughter and feet with strong arches. Excuse me sir... before I decide if we can fuck, I'll need to see your feet, so please remove your shoes and your socks. You'd be thinking, like what kind of a fucking weirdo is this? But you'd still do it, right?

She enjoys riding her bike and wants to find a bulldike that wants to be fucked w/a dick. So I guess she likes wearing the strap-on then.

Mitzy says her favorite sexual position is scissor, and she'd like to zip tie someone up and fuck them. Some advance knowledge about that strap-on thing would be good to know before you simply agreed to being tied up.

You can see plently more of Mitzy at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Girl Madaline
Posted on Sept. 30/11

Madaline looks playful in this gallery. And I couldn't help but notice the snow in the background... I guess that time is coming around again for some of us. I wouldn't mind fucking Madaline in the snow, but sorry, I'll need to get on top.

She's got a nice bush on that she shows off nicely in her 9 galleries. This one is from scary hairy volume 555.

I've heard it said by someone that Madaline has a strange face, however, she knows how to spread her legs nice and wide. And she's got that great hairy pussy.

The similar models link from her page gets you some nice results. I didn't have time to check these all out so far, but there are some girls there that I don't even remember seeing before.

Madaline is 20 years old and loves big cock. She likes animals and making bracelents and says she wants to have public sex.

You can see all of Madaline's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hottie Angelina
Posted on Sept. 23/11

I've always liked this girl Angelina. In fact, she's one of my personal long-time favorites at ATK Hairy. She's done alot of very excellent work, too.

Sean R. does tons of amazing galleries with her and she's an awesome spreader, too. She's got 33 galleries, all of which have marked as hot, and its easy to see why. She also has 17 movies available as well.

The similar models link from her page gets you August, who is fucking hot too, and Sandy, who I don't think is similar at all. Maybe similar by age only. And both have hairy pussies. That's two, but that's all. I'll definitely take Angelina over the others any time.

Angelina is 26 years old and is from Georgia. She wants to be independant and says she has this fantasy about having sex in public places. I'd tag around with her and make myself available to try doing it in just about any public place she wants.

You can see all of Angelina's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Chick Rebekka
Posted on Sept. 16/11

Who'd like to give this little hairy chick Rebekka a free spin? This little honey has a nice ass and hairy pits too. She has a nice enough pussy but I'd love to see her with even more hair... something like a quality bush such as Olivia has.

She's got some discreet tattoos that you could only see if you saw her naked like she is here. This is a very athletic model. A dancer/ballerina/gymnast, perhaps? I'm glad that the photographer chose to accentuate that part of her. The only other ATK model who comes close is Angelina. Pity there were no videos.

Rebekka is gorgeous. I love her body, especially in all the great poses. She's down to 6 photo galleries and no movies. Rebekka is very fit and pretty! I think this girl would be a very good fuck-buddy!

You can see all of Rebekka's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Hairy Dish Zoe
Posted on Sept. 9/11

There are several hairy girls called Zoe available at ATK Hairy. This one is a nice dish with a nice looking cunt. She's a great spreader, and Sean R did an amazing job on this chick.

She doesn't look so scary hairy to me really, but what a cutie she is and I love seeing cute hairy women like her spreading their legs.

Zoe currently has 7 galleries and 5 movies. These shots are from scary hairy volume 553, where she is looking quite sweet as usual.

She's 21 years old and is a waitress and bartender. She's into ballet and says she wants to find somebody abnormally good in bed. She's ready to do some serious fucking!

You can see all of Zoe's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hottie Leah
Posted on Sept. 2/11

Here's Leah. What a fucking little hottie! Its been a while since I've checked her out but she's always a pleasure...

Leah is from Slovakia and is an amazing spreader. She also has a hairy asshole. She's slim and cute, and currently has 7 photo galleries available. The similar models link from her page gets some nice results but I don't really see how all of them are really similar to our Leah. I'll just keep Leah. She can have sex with me any time!

Leah is 25 years old and has a bust size of 34A. True, she's a bit flat, but she's super hot and I've seen plenty of awesome hairy flat babes besides her at ATK Hairy.

She likes guys who smell nice, and she's into dancing, reading and sports. She'd love to try having sex outdoors, and says she likes it doggy style. There are plenty of awesome shots of her assuming this position, but there are also plenty of wide spread shots with her on her back too, so I think with this babe I'd prefer to just get on top!

You can see all of Leah's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Alissia
Posted on Aug. 25/11

This might be it! Here's a hairy babe named Alisa who gets naked and spreads her furry pussy for us. Alisa's hairy pussy looks quite inviting, especially in those shots where you can see her labia.

She currently has 10 photo galleries available. These shots are from scary hairy volume 561. She also did two decent hairy nurse galleries. The outfit looks kind of cheesy but she did a nice job of showing off her hairy pussy and ass.

There's also a set there of her as a maid. If my maid had a hairy pussy and did that same shit then she'd be getting a big tip, that's for sure!

Alisa is 27 years old and is from St. Petersburg, Russia. Did you want to find several nice looking hairy Russian Babes? Check out the search feature at ATK Hairy and you'll quickly find lots of very cum-worthy babes to check out.

This girl is into S & M and says her favorite sexual position is 69. She is listed as a hairy redhead, and you can see all her work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Hairy Polish Girl
Posted on Aug. 19/11

Who remembers Pati? Here's another nice hairy Polish girl, this one with an interesting looking cunt. Pati has nice tits and she looks good naked.

She's got 8 photo galleries available, and her work dates back to scary hairy pussy volume 546. She also has an average rating of around 4.0 out of 5. She's not bad. We could certainly screw any time!

Patti is 19 years old and is a student. She also says her favorite place is the disco club. What is it about hairy Polish girls and their fucking discos?

What I found more interesting in her bio is that she says she wants to have sex on a train with a stranger. Oh, really? Is there a schedule or an itinerary or something we can have a copy of so we might meet up and fuck?

You can see all of Pati's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Sexy Hairy Babe Roxanna
Posted on Aug. 12/11

Here's a nice leggy dish with a hairy pussy. Check out Roxanna here. She's got 10 nice photo galleries and that doesn't include the one set on her model page of someone from the mature and hairy section who doesn't belong there. This is obviously not Roxanna.

Roxanna is a sexy looking babe who is 27 years old. She's into dancing and disco, and wants to be the President of Poland. She's listed as a redhead and she's done some very nice work modelling her hairy pussy.

The similar models from her page are Melina from scary hairy volume 1374, which first appears in August of 2014 (we're a long way from there yet), and Skye, who we spoke about before.

In her bio under sexual fantasy, she says not much, I have already tried it all. How about one of us just gets together with her and stick it right in then?

You can see all of sexy Roxanna's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Blonde Fuck Toy
Posted on Aug. 5/11

This hairy Polish blonde cutie called Cat wants to be somebody's fuck toy. She's 21 years old. She's slim and sweet, and says she wants to move to the USA and marry a millionaire.

Cat's favorite sexual position is missionay, and she says she wants to get fucked by a much older man.

She's got 14 galleries as well as 5 movies, and there are lots of results from the similar models link on her page.

You can see Cat's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Girl Fedora
Posted on July 29/11

Can't you tell Fedora wants it? This hairy girl is an American girl and she's looking quite horny in her 15 galleries and 9 movies.

She's a photographer, model and silk screener, and she loves playing pool and meeting people. If she spreads her legs in person like she does in her photosets, then she'd have no problem making friends!

Fedora likes it doggy style and has this sexual fantasy about having sex in the mud in the rain. Sure, we can do that!

You can see lots more of Fedora at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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