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Hairy Redhead Monica
Posted on July 22/11

Monica likes being tied up. So after checking out all her pictures, what stuff would you like to do to her? Sure, there's only four shots here but she has 16 galleries and 2 movies, and some of those are excellent.

Don't you just love looking at hairy redheads who love to spread their legs? We've covered a bunch of nice hairy redheads lately, and this one is also a great spreader, too.

Monica is 25 years old and gets turned on by spanking, rough sex and bondage. She's be lots of fun to hang out with, don't you agree? She says her favorite sexual position is missionary, with her tied to the bed. I fucking love this! I mean HER.

YOu can see all of Monica's excellent work and plenty more hot hairy redheads at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Redhead Cutie Fiona
Posted on June 17/11

Check out this very nice hairy redhead girl Fiona. What a hot looking dish! I like her long red hair and she has nice eyes too. Her hairy pussy looks like it would feel pretty amazing, too.

Fiona currently has 7 photo sets and 4 movie sets. I've always enjoyed checking out all her work. She's 25 years old and is only 5'2. What a nice little hairy chick to receive your dick!

She says she likes people with a funky sense of humor, and she's into being tied up. She likes it doggy style but she looks good from the front OR the back.

You can see all of Fiona's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Bush On Adrianne
Posted on June 10/11

For some reason I always think that Adrianne is a Russian girl. But she's actually from Ohio. She looks horny and playful, too.

Adrianne does a nice job of spreading her hairy pussy in her 8 galleries and six movies. She's 20 years old and has a decent bush. You'll like checking out her work.

The similar models link from her page gets you krissy, who is a hottie who also kind of looks similar to this Adrianne girl. Krissy has about 40 galleries that are all marked as HOT but none are in the scary hairy section. What a nice dish! Check her out too!

Young hairy Adrianne here loves it doggy style but she also likes to stalk cute girls. She's a bicycle mechanic, so I guess that's where she finds her victims. And speaking of victims, wouldn't you love having Adrianne after you for sex?

You can see all of Adrianne's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Debbie In A Sexy Red Dress
Posted on June 3/11

Debbie has 10 excellent galleries, shot by my favorite photographer, Sean R. Only one of her galleries actually made it into scary hairy, and it wasn't even this one.

But this chick is such a hottie. I love how she spreads, and she looks so tasty, too.

The similar models link from her page shows you a cute little redhead from the young and hairy section called karina, and also Margarita from St. Petersburg, who wants to find a rich man with a big dick.

Debbie has four movies available and the first one looks super hot with her laying on a bed and rubbing her cunt while she slowly pumps it. It's too bad I can't afford the bandwidth, or else I would love to share it here with you guys. If you get access to ATK Hairy then check out her work.

She would definitely be nice to fuck. She's 22 years old and she likes it missionary style. As far as her sexual fantasy, she says there is nothing she hasn't done.

You can check out all of Debbie's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Hairy Triangle
Posted on May 29/11

Next we have Danni from Scary Hairy volume 536. She's got bright blue eyes, nice tits, hairy pits, hairy legs and a nice triangle.

Danni has 10 galleries available with an overall rating of 4.40 out of 5. Some of those ones have been marked as hot. She also has 3 full movies, too.

This scary hairy model is 24 years old and weighs in at 150 pounds. She's a student and likes men with strong hands, and she enjoys taking risks and trying new things.

Danni enjoys hiking, gardening, sunbathing - anything outdoors. I wonder if she also likes to fuck in the grass? Is she into anal? She does say in her personal bio that her sexual fantasy involves having sex in public places - parks, beaches, roof tops - so there you go!

You can see lots more of Danni at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Heather
Posted on May 13/11

Here's another awesome hairy babe from Scary Hairy Pussy volume 534. This is Heather. She's highly fuckable and she's done a bunch of excellent work for ATK Hairy.

Heather has 10 galleries that have all been marked as HOT by the members of ATK. It's easy to see why that is so. I really enjoyed every set. These ones are from her first gallery of her in the kitchen.

She's also got five movies available as well. She's 26 years old and says she likes feeling a nice cock. But I wonder, does she mean feeling it with her hands? Or, does she mean she likes to feel it inside her pussy? Wouldn't you love to spend some quality time with her and find that out first hand?

Heather is from Manchester, England and says she wants to be a good fuck to the whole world. Yeah, that's my kind of girl... sleazy and easy to please, and cute, too.

She appears in some of ATK's new DVDs as well. You can find her in these ones so far...

ATK Luv Those Lips: A true must-have DVD for anyone into big luscious pussy lips, and especially those of you who love big hairy ones. 12 scenes packed with girls who all have meaty vaginas and especially thick labias or lips. Most of the girls are playing with themselves alone, but there is 1 lesbian love scene and 2 boy/girl full-on fuck scenes complete with a Trina getting a great creampie.

ATK Luv Those Lips, Vol. 2: Hairy! - For a model to be considered in this collection, she has to be hairy AND able to make a heart with her pussy lips. Back from our first release, all time favorite meaty maiden and cover girl Honey is at again! A compliment to the first release, this DVD also has twelve scenes and runs more then three solid hours. Angelinas' taco is heavy on the meat, the buffet is open for Polina! Lovely lippy lady Louette gives Honey a run for the money with an equally impressive heart demonstration, but Jasmine, Daijah and Kerry will drive you wild with their impressive lip gymnastics. Some have asked "Where's the BEEF?" we answer back, "between her legs!"

Check out those DVDs if you get a chance. Otherwise, you can see all of Heather's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Bikini Babe Mandy
Posted on May 6/11

I did mention before that the Scary Hairy Pussy section was getting better, right? Here's another highly fuckable babe called Mandy who did a fantastic job of showing off her tasty hairy pussy in this awesome bikini gallery.

Mandy is 19 years old and has done alot of work so far for ATK Hairy. She's got 20 galleries, and although none of them have been marked as hot by the members, she still has an overall rating of 4.31 out of 5.

I thought all her work is great. She's a very enjoyable hairy girl to check out for sure. This chick is hot, and she looks like she'd be really nice to fuck.

Mandy is into rock music and gets turned on by having her nipples rubbed and her ass licked. She loves playing with herself and also loves letting others play with her, too. Really? Where and when can we meet?

There are over 3,000 images of her as well as 4 full movies available. And how would you like to get in on her sexual fantasy? She wants 4 girls, lots of dildos and her. And they can all take care of your cock.

You can see lots more of sexy hairy Mandy at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Russian Cutie
Posted on Apr. 29/11

This hot little hairy cutie is Maryana. She's a very pretty Russian teenager with a nice body and a nice ass.

Maryana first appeared at Natural & Hairy in the scary hairy pussy section in volume 532. She has 13 galleries including a few lesbian sets, and only one watersports gallery at ATK Galleria.

She doesn't mind opening up her hole for the camera either. I'd like to get her to open up her hole for my dick. Not only because she's very cute and she sure has a nice looking pussy, but she totally reminds me of a hairy Russian girl I've known for many years that I would absolutely love to fuck!

Maryana is 18 years old and is a student. She wants to experience everything that life has to offer, and she likes it missionary style.

She's got an overall rating at ATK Hairy of 4.27 and she says her favorite place is in the forest. We could fuck there!

You can see all of Maryana's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Redhead Hottie
Posted on Apr. 22/11

Who wouldn't love to do it with this little hairy redhead hottie? Klara first appeared in scary hairy pussy volume 532 and has 14 nice galleries including four lesbian sets. She also has four hardcore galleries at ATK Galleria.

Klara is 23 years old and is a student. She loves big dicks and really enjoys fucking. From reading her personal bio it seems like this cutie is a bit of a slut. But I like it. Alot.

She's only 110 pounds and is 5'4. She's from the Czech Republic and likes it doggy style. She's also into goth. The similar models link from her page gets you some nice results. Fuck yeah, I like that. Every time I see something I like, and that's pretty often, I click on that link to see who is similar. Sometimes I find it hard to stay focused!

You can see all of Klara's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Trouble Maker
Posted on Apr. 8/11

Phoebe is looking both cute and horny in this gallery. She can be very playful at times and she has a nice cunt too.

She currently has 20 photo galleries available altogether. She has sets that appear in the (huge) young and hairy section and the hairy fun section as well. In all she’s done some pretty nice work. And she sure does love her dildos. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could just replace the dildo with your dick? For real?

Phoebe has six movies as well, and appears in an ATK DVD called ATK Scary Hairy Volume 3.

She’s 20 years old and she is totally into (rough) foreplay. She’s into handcuffs and ropes as well. Better watch out!

You can see all of Phoebe's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hottie Jessica
Posted on Apr. 1/11

Man, is this little sweetie ever hot! I've always loved this babe Jessica. She's slim and nice and has a huge bush. She's an excellent spreader too.

Jessica first appeared at Natural & Hairy in scary hairy volume 531 and I remember that everyone was asking for more. They really delivered with her too, because she went on to make 30 fucking excellent galleries, one right after the other. And all of those galleries were quickly marked as hot by the members of the site. What a little sweetheart this chick is.

You don't have to look very hard through any of her sets to find something nice to jerk off to. Her bush extends wide onto her thighs and right around her crack and up into her ass. I've always liked this girl for sure. She's got a really nice looking cunt too.

She's 28 years old and has seven movies available as well. She's very pretty even with her clothes on, she's got a nice shape to her, and she's got hairy pits and hairy legs.

Jessica has an overall rating of 4.69 which is pretty close to perfect. She likes the strong silent type and she likes to get on top. She's got tons of excellent pictures of her hairy cunt while she's in that position. All you'd have to do is slide right in there.

You can see all of Jessica's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.


ATK Scary Hairy Volume 1

Our Scary Hairy girls are so popular we decided to give them their own series! These are girls with the hairiest pussies you've ever seen. Almost all of them have a furry ass crack and some have armpit hair and full grown leg hair too! It's over 2.5 hours stuffed with over a dozen unshaven and horny girls including both solo and fuck scenes. So if you love the hairy beaver, then you won't want to brush this one off!

ATK Scary Hairy Volume 6

What makes a girl Scary Hairy? Easy, when her pubes extend past her pantie line! In volume 6 of ATK Scary Hairy, we bring you 11 scenes of our most popular scary hairy girls! Our cover girl, Jessica, has one of the widest bushes we've ever shown! See all of our girls touch, tease, and please their bearded clams in this collection that spans more then 3 hours. In our three fuck scenes are more then 20 minutes of hairy pussy pounding! The rest of our girls rub the nub or stuff the muff! A must have for any hair-lover!

ATK Scary Hairy Volume 5

Often times we're asked, "What's our criteria for labeling a performer a Scary Hairy model?" Well besides the obvious of having a moist, bushy paradise which happens to poke out past her delicious pantyline, she also has to have a naughty and enthusiastic personality to match her adventurous hairy appearance. These 14 all-natural beauties are ready to lay claim to the title "Scary Hairy" with 14 wild scenes sure to please even the most hardcore fans of the hottest, horniest, hairy models from ATKingdom. The question is.... are you ready?

ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 19:
Hairy Babes

Remember back in the days before shaved pussy was the norm? That's when you could stick your hand in a girls panties and find a nice, warm, mound of short and curlies. For hirsute pussy lovers, that is pussy the way it's meant to be - hairy! If that's you, you'll love the hardcore hairy honeys we've got for you in ATKingdom's Natural & Hairy 19!

Famous Hairy Emily
Posted on Mar. 25/11

Emily is a nice dish with a tight looking hairy cunt. I like her tits too. She's got a nice handful there. I'd love to feel her up and fuck her. But who wouldn't? She's been one of ATK's highly popular models for years. She was at least, but they keep coming out with all these other hot babes too. These guys totally rock!

She first appeared in scary hairy volume 529, and she currently has 30 galleries, most of which have been marked as hot by the members of the site. Emily also has a treasure trail and 12 movies too.

I liked how she filled out some of her bio questions. Where she was supposed to fill in some measurements, for waist she said kissable, and for hips she said grabbable. But that is so true. You could kiss her waist and her cunt too, while you're so close, and it would be nice to hold onto her hips while she gets on top and rides your dick nice and deep.

She's 25 years old and has an overall rating right now of 4.63 which is quite excellent. She's from Texas and would like to settle in the mountains and brew her own beer. She sounds like quite a homemaker, doesn't she?

Emily likes to fuck missionary style and says she'd like to be walked in on while doing it in a public restroom. She appeared in several of ATK's DVDs too.

You can see all of Emily's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.


ATK Scary Hairy Volume 2

When a model comes in for an interview, we know right away if she's good enough to make the cut. If you can't smell that moist jungle of thick bush stuffed in her panties, then she's not good enough to be SCARY HAIRY! That means we deliver more hair in more places than any other DVD company. And with over 2 1/2 hours of bearded beaver banging... the other guys just can't compete!

ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 21:
Hairy Brunettes

With over 20 titles in the series, ATKingdom's "Natural and Hairy" series is still going strong! In Volume 21, we bring you over 2 1/2 hours of dark-haired hussies served up nice and nasty just the way you like it. No dye-jobs or bleaching here, only real brunette beavers being spead open, fingered, licked, and fucked. Who says blondes do it better? We know hairy brunettes do it best!

ATK Scary Hairy Volume 6

What makes a girl Scary Hairy? Easy, when her pubes extend past her pantie line! In volume 6 of ATK Scary Hairy, we bring you 11 scenes of our most popular scary hairy girls! Our cover girl, Jessica, has one of the widest bushes we've ever shown! See all of our girls touch, tease, and please their bearded clams in this collection that spans more then 3 hours. In our three fuck scenes are more then 20 minutes of hairy pussy pounding! The rest of our girls rub the nub or stuff the muff! A must have for any hair-lover!

ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 25:
More Hairy Brunettes

In true ATKingdom style, we bring you the most hairy action you'll find on DVD. 14 full scenes of dark hairy bush being penetrated by fingers, toys, tongues, and cocks. It's a 3 hour extravaganza of solo, girl on girl, and boy/girl fuck action. If you love thick brown and black pussy pubes, then "More Hairy Brunettes" delivers the furry fun you'll love!

Hairy Alisia Wants To Play
Posted on Mar. 18/11

Alisia looks pretty hot in her blue nylons. She's posing outside and you can easily tell that she's fucking horny and she wants to play. She even brought her dildo along for the occassion.

I love it when she lifts her skirt up and exposes her nice hairy cunt. I like it too when she takes it off. The nylons stay on, which looks sexy, and then she starts spreading her pussy... pussy and nylons... I love that.

Alisia first appeared on ATK Hairy back in scary hairy volume 399 and she currently has ten nice galleries available.

I love seeing galleries of hairy girls outside. Alisia appeared on my hairy hookers page in another gallery. She fits the bill quite nicely. Check out that hairy hookers page!

This is a cute little blonde and I like her hairy cunt. She does look quite horny too. I think we should fuck. If she's really a hooker then I'd even pay her no problem. I'd love to get access to that hairy cunt of her's. Her hole would feel great.

You can see all of Alisia's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Redhead With Brown Bush
Posted on Mar. 11/11

I've always liked this hairy girl Yuliana. When she first appeared at Natural & Hairy back in scary hairy volume 529, they came out with a set of her as a nurse.

Right now she's got ten photo galleries and four full-length movies as well as four hardcore scenes at ATK Galleria. One of the fuck scenes she does at Galleria is a continuation of that nurse gallery. I have not seen it yet but I would love to.

There is a movie of her at ATK with her in that nurse outfit, and its of her alone on a bed. I don't care if that stethoscope of her's is really plastic or not. I want to play doctor with her and get her to pump that nice hairy cunt at my dick for real.

I'd really love to get that movie in here too but its so huge. That would have been cool. 110 mb is way too rich for me.

Yuliana's other sets are good as well. I love how the hair on her head is so red and her bush is noticeable brown. She's also got a nice slit on her too. Her pussy would feel so nice. Its easy to tell.

She's got a rating of 4.33 out of 5.0 right now, and in her bio it says that she dreams to be a good wife. With a nice cunt like that, how could she not be? If you're already married then you probably already know the answer to that one... to not be a good wife all she has to do is stop sharing her pussy. But let's not go there.

She likes being in the water and she likes big dicks. Her hobbies include sex, going out and skating. She likes it doggy style but she looks so damn hot when she's on that bed spread eagle pumping her hairy pussy at an imaginary dick. Mine could be there for her any time.

You can see all of Yuliana's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Sweety Malina
Posted on Mar. 4/11

This hairy chick Malina is a little sweety. She first appeared in scary hairy volume 529, and she currently has 12 nice galleries. When she first appeared on the site they put some of her galleries in the young and hairy section.

I really liked this gallery of her spreading in the hay. So you give her some flowers that you picked from the side of the road and she rewards you by taking you into the barn and giving you her nice cunt. I also like how she can really get her ass up high sometimes while she's on her knees. Add to that the hair coming out through her legs and that sure makes for an awesome site.

I could have really used this gallery for my hairy hookers page, but then I did use one of her other galleries instead. She's got several that look like hooker galleries. I like that.

Malina also did a lesbian gallery and I like how she's got her hair braided for that one. She looks pretty hot that way too.

She's 21 years old and she has also made four full-length movies. This chick is pretty cute. I'd love to get her to pump her hairy pussy at me while I go deep up her cunt.

You can see all of Malina's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Sweetheart Ola
Posted on Feb. 25/11

I really enjoyed checking out this hairy babe Ola. She's got 10 galleries, but none of them have been marked as hot. How can that be? This chick is a fucking little hottie. Her work is an absolute pleasure to look at.

Ola has a nice cunt that is pierced too, and the hair creeps around her ass cheeks really nice. She's also got a hairy ass too. And she's cute. I don't know what happened there, but I just gave her a top rating of 5.0.

Ola is 22 years old and likes cold beer. She's from Belorussia and loves to play with sex toys. She works as a translator and says her favorite sex positions are doggie and on top.

I posted some stuff on Ola before. Take a look at her model page.

The similar models link from her page at ATK Hairy only gives you Jessie and Claudia. I have those girls in my own model directory too...

Those girls are nice but she kind of reminds me more of Norma, or maybe Riotella or Viktoria.

You can see all of Ola's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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