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Exotic Hairy Annalise
Posted on Dec.31/07

Since we were talking about the Exotic and Hairy section anyway, here's this chick Annalise who appears in that section. She's got a nice hairy pussy as well, but never appeared in scary hairy probably because in that first picture you don't see any bush sticking out from her panties. I'm not sure, that's just a guess.

But Annalise is an excellent spreader too, and has several huge galleries, each containing a ton of wide open spreadshots. Her pussy looks very fuckable in any position she poses in.

Annalise is 25 years old and loves to have honey licked off of her pussy. She also lives in England and wants to have a threesome with her and two guys.

You can see all of Annalise's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Armenian Beauty Mariam
Posted on Dec.30/07

Mariam has always been one of my favorite hairy spreaders, and she's always a pleasure to look at. And dream about! She's done a ton of work for ATK but not a single gallery of her's ever appeared in the Scary Hairy section. All her sets have always been added to their Exotic & Hairy section, which is another awesome section of Natural and Hairy containing thousands and thousands of excellent galleries too. We'll touch on that section here and there, but mostly keep our focus on the scary hairy section.

But back to Mariam. She's an excellent spreader, is highly fuckable and has a nice hairy cunt. I've talked about her many times on other sites before. It's not hard to tell why this cutie is one of my all-time hairy favorites. She's a very sweet girl and her pussy is awesome. She's a perfect spreader, and her hairy ass crack is a pleasant bonus.

She currently has 51 excellent galleries and 23 movies. There is a sample movie clip that you can see of Mariam for free on Natural & Hairy's tour. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

Mariam is from Artashaf, Armenia, and as far as I know currently lives in England. In her bio it says that she likes it doggy. This is one sweet lady with alot of excellent content available.

You can see all of Mariam's very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Favorite Cecilia
Posted on Dec.29/07

Here's another hairy favorite, this chick's name is Cecilia. Everybody loves Cecilia because of her cool earrings, right? Nah, she's an excellent spreader too. All the girls at ATK pretty much all have that in common, don't they?

18 year old Cecilia seems to love the great outdoors. Her sexual fantasy is to fuck 200 feet up in a tree. I'd rather do her on a bed, but whatever!

She's done some pretty nice work for ATK throughout her career. There are currently 10 galleries of hairy Cecilia available at Natural & Hairy.

Cecilia is from Washington state and says she likes it doggy.

You can see all of her excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hippie Marie Claire
Posted on Dec.28/07

I've always loved this chick Marie Claire. She's got a total hippy look going on there and she's an excellent spreader. I've seen some really, really nice sets of her spreading that amazing scary hairy pussy.

She currently has nine excellent galleries at Natural & Hairy. I loved every single one of them.

Marie Claire was 19 years old when she started her modelling career with ATK. She likes it doggy, but I'd do her in any position she wants.

If you're interested in seeing more hairy hippies, check one of my other sites called Hairy Hippy Chicks.

You can see all of Marie Claire's excellent complete sets only at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Tight Hairy Pussy
Posted on Dec.27/07

Alexandra has a nice tight hairy pussy for sure! These pictures actually came out of the Young & Hairy section, but Alexandra has several galleries in Scary Hairy too.

There are a few galleries of her posing outside, which is something that I love, one of her in the tub and a bunch more in various indoor locations.

Alexandra is a decent spreader and is only 19 years old. She works as an accountant. She weighs only 103 pounds, so you could probably spin this one on your dick without a problem.

You can see all of Alexandra's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Favorite Christine
Posted on Dec.26/07

Christine is an old-school hairy favorite. She was very popular for quite some time, but we haven't seen or heard anything new from her for a while now.

There are currently 12 nice galleries of her spreading her hairy pussy. Her bush looks good whether it's from a front view of her spreading her legs, or if it's a nice shot of her squatting on her knees... whatever. It's all good!

Christine is 21 years old and is from the Czech Republic. There are alot of sweet hairy models at ATK who are from there, btw.

Check-out Natural and Hairy for all of Christine's nice work.

Sweet Hairy Blonde Cat
Posted on Dec.25/07

Cat is a highly fuckable blonde who appeared in the Scary Hairy section with 10 nice galleries and 21 movies.

She's 23 years old and works as a shop assistant. She's also got a fucking nice set of tits on her too. They measure a whopping 32DD. Oh yeah, double D! Love it!

This girl is from England and says her favorite sexual position is 69. I'd actually like to have Cat get on top, ride my cock and dangle her nice tits in my face.

You can see all of Cat's excellent galleries at ATK Natural & Hairy.

ATK Larse
Posted on Dec.24/07

Larse has 14 nice galleries including a bunch that are in the Hairy Fun section, where she uses her dildo. There are some good dildo sets there, and there's also a nice nurse scene. She uses the stethoscope to listen to what her clit is saying. I think it was saying her pussy needed to be fucked good and hard.

This chick is 19 years old and is a good spreader. You can check out all her nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Molly
Posted on Dec.23/07

Molly is another decent spreader who also has 10 galleries. She also has 35 movies too. There are some good ones of her in the bath and some other good ones of her masturbating. Those ones are my favorites of Molly. That's pretty hot stuff!

This hairy chick is 22 years old and is an artist. She gets turned-on by gentlemen who know how to use their hands. She's either talking about a guy who knows how to give a good back rub or else a guy who knows how to rub her off. I guess it could be either.

Molly likes to get on top, and hopes to find another woman to play with her boyfriend and herself. Why can't I find a woman who wants that too?

Pictures and bio courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Milf Betty
Posted on Dec.22/07

Betty is a cutie with 22 galleries and 11 movies. I liked this gallery because she starts off in her jeans and looks like any regular babe you'd see. But then she starts stripping down and finally you get to see that she's got a nice hairy cunt there. I also get the impression that she's a milf because of the background in this scene.

Betty is 23 years old and is from Poland. She's a student and likes tall guys. Her sets are nice and so is she. She loves oral sex, so that's a bonus!

You can see all of Betty and her hairy pussy at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Schoolgirl Lanita
Posted on Dec.21/07

Lanita was added to Natural & Hairy way back in volume 235. This was a nice schoolgirl gallery. I love hairy cunts and schoolgirl skirts... they make a perfect match!

She went on to make 10 excellent galleries. Man, her snatch is nice and hairy.

There is very little info in her bio other than her age, which is 23. I guess her galleries can speak for themselves!

You can see all of Lanita's hairy pussy at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Average Girl With Nice Hairy Cunt
Posted on Dec.20/07

Laura seems to be one of the lesser-known models from Natural & Hairy. I say that because I've never heard anyone talk about her before except me, and I've never seen any galleries of her around on the net. Well, except at Natural & Hairy of course!

Laura has 10 galleries and some of her sets are really good. I have about 15 or so excellent pictures of her spreading her nice cunt in my favorites folder.

Check out the shape of her pussy lips in the third picture. That looks pretty neat to me, and there are several perfect shots of that pussy mixed in throughout all of her sets.

Laura is 23 years old and works as a teacher. She did these picture sets for ATK and now she's kind of hooked. She really wants to make some more because it turns her on. I'd like to get her turned on and slip my dick up her wet cunt!

Pictures and bio courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

Old-School Hairy Renee
Posted on Dec.19/07

I'm sure you all remember Renee. This is where her first gallery kicked in, and this was back in scary hairy volume 233.

Her first set was a panty set, and the scene was a home gym. That was actually a pretty cool gallery for her debut, and people quickly wanted to see more and more. I remember that Renee was fairly popular at the time.

She went on to make 10 really excellent galleries and 29 movies, which are good too. Renee is still a very well-known hairy model today, but too bad she's not still making more sets for us.

You can see all of Renee's nice work and her movies too, at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Dreamgirl Hali
Posted on Dec.18/07

Hali is another cutie with a nice bush and a bit of a treasure trail. She sure got into some cool positions in this gallery. Perfect if you were there with a boner sticking out at the time.

I like this little chick. She kind of reminds me of another hairy model that I like named Katja. Only Hali looks a bit taller. I'd do them both no problem. And together... that would be awesome!

Hali has 20 excellent galleries and 16 movies available. Most of her work came out around April and May of 2004.

At that time Hali was 20 years old and was a student. She's interested in having sex while being blindfolded and handcuffed. Oh fuck honey, I'm ready for you anytime!

Check out Hali's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Danka's Hairy Ass
Posted on Dec.17/07

Danka has a nice hairy pussy and a hairy ass too. I think this chick is more well-known for her hairy ass though. She's got 10 really nice sets, and those all have good spreadshots in them. Some of the sets do seem to focus a bit more on her ass rather than her pussy. But whatever you're looking for, front or back, Danka provides us with some excellent views.

She also has eight movies available. In one of them she gets a razor out and trims along the sides of her bush. Holy shit, I was getting worried there for a sec. But she just lathers up her bush and for sure only trims the loose hairs from the top of her legs, leaving the bush otherwise intact. Fucking scary to see that, I'm telling you.

Danka is 29 years old and loves to masturbate. So she's basically not much different than the rest of us then! She's from the Czech Republic and says her favorite position is 69. I'd love to suck and tease her clit while I get a blowjob. I have no problem with that at all.

You can see all of Danka's excellent work and more of her hairy ass at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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