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The Naked Rider
Posted on June 4/10

Kaycee is next up on the list. We're at scary hairy volume 505 now, where this chick first appears.

She's got a rating of 4.11 out of a possible high of 5.0, which is a pretty decent score. She's got ten galleries and three full-length movies, and also appears in one of ATK's new DVDs. She's in ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 24: More Cute n' Hairy.

Kaycee is a nice girl and I'd love to fuck her, but from first glance I don't personally think she belongs in the scary hairy section. Maybe, but I'd like to flip her over and get a closer look at her crack just to be sure.

She's 18 years old and is an adult film actress. She's from North California and enjoys most sports, sex and driving, but not necessarily in that order.

Kaycee is a cutie who likes her men to be kind, funny, have future plans and some interests. That sounds easy enough. Can we just fuck now?

As far as sex goes, Kaycee likes it doggy style the best, and says she'd like to have some angry, passionate sex. Sure, no problem.

You can see all of Kaycee's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Very Cute Hairy Redhead
Posted on May 28/10

This chick Agnes is one of the many hairy redheads from ATK Hairy that I've always liked. But there are actually many that I like too.

Agnes is a nice spreader and looks quite hot in most of her galleries. I've seen her in some fuck scenes too, and I must say that I'd love to get a chance to slip my dick up her nice hairy twat too. What a little hottie. And she sure knows how to take care of a dick too.

Her work dates back to scary hairy volume 505, and she currently has five hot galleries and three full-length movies. She also has four hardcore sets at ATK Galleria.

Agnes appears in a few of ATK's new DVDs as well. She's in ATK Natural & Hairy volume 6: Cute'n Hairy, and in volume 7 as well, which is called Hirsute Harlots.

This nice babe is 21 years old and is from the Czech Republic. There's another thing that you can search for at ATK Hairy besides just the redheads. There are also tons of super hot hairy Czech babes too.

You can see all of Agnes' excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Wholesome Hairy Girl Magdalynn
Posted on May 21/10

When I was checking out this nice gallery of Magdalynn, I got the impression that she's a wholesome girl. It must be her pink pussy. Yeah, I think that's it.

Magdalynn is 18 years old and has a large set of tits on her. That set matches her build quite nicely, and so does her hairy pussy.

She's got 20 galleries and 2 full-length movies available, and those sets include at least two schoolgirl sets too. I was just recently searching for all the schoolgirl galleries at ATK Hairy, so that's how I know. And there are a ton of them too, btw.

Magdalynn has a nice ass too, and says her occupation is a naughty babysitter. You wouldn't want her corrupting your child, but if she was going to fuck you during the drive home, then that would definitely be the best part of the night. Maybe we should get together every now and then and practice the drive home some more.

She appears in one of ATK's new DVDs as well, and she's in ATK Luv Those Lips. There are also some very nice babes in there with meaty pussy lips as well. Daijah is one of them, actually, she's on the cover of that one.

Magdalynn enjoys nipple licking, sucking, sex in public, rough fucking and Asian men. She really liked playing in parks and fucking.

You can see all of Magdalynn's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Sally Looks Like a Doll
Posted on May 14/10

It seems like I've spoken about Sally here several times, and between all my various sites I'm sure I have. I was checking out this nice gallery of the babe and something gave me the impression that she looks like a doll. It must be those massive dreads.

Sally's work dates back to scary hairy volume 504, and these shots are from her oldest available set. She currently has 19 galleries and 12 movies available now.

She's 23 years old and can easily pass herself off as a hippy. She's a nice spreader too, and likes to have sex in a variety of positions. She gave a pretty strange answer to the question of favorite sexual position when she filled out her bio. It makes you think she was pretty stoned that day. Or something.

Sally is only 5'3 and she says she gets turned on by cell phone ring tones. She thinks Satan is the ideal man and she loves beer.

You can see all of Sally's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Outdoor Spreader Jessica
Posted on May 07/10

Here's Jessica, who did a great job of spreading her big muff in this excellent outdoor or nudism gallery. This one appears in scary hairy volume 504.

She currently has nine galleries available, and they are all of her outside. I love that. And I love when she lays back in the grass and spreads her nice hairy cunt. This chick looks pretty hot when she does that.

Jessica is 19 years old and is an artist. She's from Colorado, USA, and as far as sex goes, she says that she loves to be on top. That would absolutely suit me perfectly. This babe is a pleasure to look at and it would be more than a pleasure to let her have a free ride... on my cock. If you like this little chick then she'll be able to get you off without much problem.

You can see all of Jessica's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Girl Angela
Posted on Apr. 30/10

Although Angela has done several galleries in her time, this is the only one that every made into the Scary Hairy section. This one appears in volume 503, and as usual she's looking pretty fuckable.

Angela is a nice spreader and currently has eleven galleries and three full-length movies available. So if none of her other sets are in scary hairy, where are they? All in the young and hairy section, which is also a huge part of the ATK Hairy site that we almost never even mention.

This chick is 23 years old and is a student from the Ukraine. She looks pretty fuckable in nylons, and although she is kind of on the flat side, she still does have a bit of a handful there... but not much. But she more than makes up for the lack of bust size by the way she spreads her pussy.

She's only 5'5 and weighs only 110 pounds. She's a nice little chick who loves bubble baths and loves getting fucked doggy style.

You can see all of Angela's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hottie Freia
Posted on Apr. 23/10

This hairy hottie Freia is only 19 years old and she's super cute. She's nice and slim and has a nice dark bush, which looks awesome on her.

Freia has 10 excellent galleries, six movies and lots of fans. She sometimes wears glasses, and she looks hot either way... with them or without.

This chick is a nice spreader and her hole looks great from the front or the back. She's got nice eyes and a nice cunt. I sure wouldn't mind spending some quality time with this hottie.

You can see all of Freia's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Very Presentable Hairy Babe
Posted on Apr. 16/10

This hairy babe Pavla looks hot and very presentable. You could easily take her anywhere and she'd make you look good.

Her work dates way back to scary hairy volume 498, and she currently has 10 nice galleries. I've always liked this chick, and although it doesn't say in her bio, I'm pretty sure she's a Russian girl.

Pavla has a current rating of 4.17, which is good considering she hasn't made any new galleries for a few years now. She's listed as a redhead and has a nice set of tits on her too.

I like how the hair kind of swirls around her asshole. Overall this is a very nice dish. I sure wouldn't mind squirting a load up her, wouldn't you?

You can see all of Pavla's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen Amelie
Posted on Apr. 09/10

This chick Amelie is a nice looking girl who is only 19 years old. She's slim and cute, and has done alot of work for ATK.

She first appeared in scary hairy volume 501, and she currently has 20 nice galleries as well as 10 more sets at ATK Galleria.

I usually use each model's first gallery on this site but this time I'm going to choose not to, only because her first set was so famous, and I'm sure that most everyone has already seen it or parts of it anyway.

Amelie has a wide, light-colored bush and a hairy ass crack. She's a very nice spreader as well, and her slit sure looks nice, doesn't it?

She still has an overall rating of 4.71 out of a possible high of 5.0, which is a very good score considering that it's been over a year since she came out with a new gallery.

You can see all of Amelie's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Plumper Grusha
Posted on Apr. 02/10

This hairy girl Grusha has alot of fans. She's a healthy-looking girl who usually looks quite happy when she's spreading her cunt. That hairy pussy of her's sure looks like it would feel nice for your dick while you were fucking her. I bet she could take a cock really deep.

Grusha has a treasure trail and hairy ass cheeks, and has 20 nice galleries available which totals out to 2,457 pictures.

She's provided us with a very nice variety of sets for sure. She's got a fat hairy ass but I like how she's got lots of hair that goes down from her bush and around her cheeks from underneath. That looks pretty hot.

Grusha is 22 years old and is from somewhere in Russia. She's got 4 full-length movies as well, and says she likes to do it missionary style. She's love to have sex on a beach and she is ready here to make you squirt your cum.

You can see all of Grusha's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Schoolgirl Spreader
Posted on Mar. 26/10

I love seeing hairy schoolgirls and also really like to see girls posing out in nature, so I found this schoolgirl gallery of Sabrina very interesing.

In this one she starts out by hanging out somewhere that looks secluded and she slowly removes her panties and then lays down in shadowed area under some trees and spreads her nice hairy cunt super wide. What a total sweetheart and what a fucking slut. I love this stuff.

I have to admit that when Sabrina first came along I wasn't so crazy about her, and that was because her first gallery kind of sucked. But her sets got way better, and by the time her 20 sets ran out everyone was wondering what happened? Where did she go? This chick ended up making alot of guys shoot their cum for sure.

Sabrina's work dates back to scary hairy volume 495, and right now she's got 20 galleries and six movies including some very nice scenes.

She did some really nice galleries outside, and this schoolgirl gallery was excellent. She's getting ready to be a bad girl. When she ends up under those trees with her tits and her hairy cunt out totally spread and ready to fuck, that looks so awesome. This is the kind of schoolgirl gallery that I really like. I'd love to find myself some cute hairy schoolgirl slut like her.

She's 26 years old and is into hot women, whips and chains, bondage and playing the piano. Sabrina is from Texas and says she likes to get on top. What she'd really like to do is take part in a gang bang.

You can see all of Sabrina's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Sweety Diana
Posted on Mar. 19/10

Here's a totally sweet hairy Russian girl called Diana. This chick has a nice bush, a very cute smile and a really nice ass. I would love to.

Diana first appeared at Natural & Hairy in scary hairy volume 493 and she currently has 16 photo galleries and 3 full length movies. I really liked her cheerleader gallery. This chick is always a hottie.

Altogether she's got 2,169 very nice pictures available, and she has also in ATK's new DVD called ATK Natural & Hairy vol. 24: More Cute'n Hairy. Diana is even on the cover of that one. She sure is cute, that's for sure.

She's also got another four hardcore galleries at ATK Galleria. I have not seen these but have only seen the small thumbnail previews. The next time I sign myself up to ATK Galleria I have alot to see there. I joined that site many years ago and that was even before I had ever been to Natural & Hairy, and all the girls were new to me, so I didn't know who I should be looking for. I saw alot but now that I know about all these awesome hairy babes I've been really wanting to get back over there. ATK Galleria is where ATK keeps alot of their hardcore content.

So back to Diana here... This chick is slim and nice and is only 20 years old. She's a student and likes French music as well as collecting match boxes. I would absolutely love to fuck this cutie.

You can see all of Diana's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Totally Blonde Lena
Posted on Mar. 12/10

This hairy girl Lena is now totally blonde. Some of you may remember seeing her as a brunette, back in her earlier galleries. I think she looked pretty hot as a brunette, but as she is now, I like the blonde hair and the dark bush.

She first appeared at Natural & Hairy way back in scary hairy volume 492, and she currently has 22 very nice galleries and 23 movies.

Lena also appears in several of ATK's new DVDs too. She's in ATK Petite & Hairy vol. 1, Natural & Hairy vol. 5: Hot'n Hairy, volume 13: Hairageous, and in volume 22: Hairy Petites.

This chick has a nice cunt and she's a good spreader. Lena is 22 years old and is from the Ukraine. She likes to eat at McDonald's, and when she takes a cock she likes to be on top.

We spoke about Lena about a year ago, check one of our older posts for some shots of her as a brunette: Feb. 05.09.

You can see lots more of Lena at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Babe Kitty
Posted on Mar. 5/10

This hottie is one of several girls by the name of Kitty who spread their hairy pussies at Natural & Hairy. This Kitty first appeared in scary hairy volume 492, and currently has 30 excellent photo galleries available, as well as eight hardcore sets at ATK Galleria.

She got pregnant along the way and did some preggo galleries too, and then after she delivered her baby she came back and kept modelling. When she did return, she looked even hotter than before somehow, and overall she's done quite alot of excellent work for ATK.

Kitty also has seven movies and appears in several of ATK's new DVDs. She's in ATK Scary Hairy volume 5, Volume 8: Hairy Explosion and in ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 10 The Best of Scary Hairy.

She's a good looking dish who has a nice ass and an even better looking pussy. She looks great from any angle, and I'm not sure if I like her better from behind, where she looks totally fuckable for sure, or from the front all spread and ready for action.

Kitty is 27 years old and likes fast cars and art. She's from the Czech Republic and loves oral sex as well as getting on top and riding a hard cock.

You can see all of Kitty's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Babe Kathy
Posted on Feb. 26/10

This is Kathy from scary hairy volume 491. She's a nice dish who has a small set of tits on her but she's got a furry pussy and she always looks happy and approachable.

Kathy currently has 12 galleries and 10 movies including some hardcore stuff. From her movies, I liked the one best of her getting fucked outside on a blanket, and the solo gallery of her, also outside on a blanket, is my favorite too. I guess you noticed that I love seeing the girls spreading outside or in nature. But she is definitely a cutie and she does look quite fuckable too.

She also did some lesbian scenes as well, so there's a nice variety of work. She's got four hardcore scenes at ATK Galleria as well, and although I have only seen the thumbnails and not the galleries themselves, they do look good.

Kathy has appeared in several of ATK's DVDs as well. She's in ATK Scary Hairy Volume 2, ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 14: Hairotica, ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 21: Hairy Brunettes, ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 22: Hairy Petites and in ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 25: More Hairy Brunettes.

This cutie is one of the many awesome hairy babes that ATK has who is from the Czech Republic. They've got so many sweet, hairy babes from there and I've always loved that, mostly due to the fact that they are all so hot.

Kathy is 21 years old and works in sales. She loves to do is doggie style the best, and says she'd like to have a house and a car. If she gives me pussy, I'll buy her dinner. How's that instead?

You can see all of Kathy's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Lara
Posted on Feb. 19/10

Lara is a hairy Russian girl who first appeared in scary hairy volume 490, and this is going pretty far back.

She's done alot of work for ATK, and she currently has 15 galleries plus seven more sets at ATK Galleria. She's also got another 15 sets over at ATK Premium.

In this one she looks quite business-like, and I loved the way she looked in her short skirt at the beginning of the set.

But she's got that Winnie-the-Pooh tie on, so you know she's gonna' fuck you. That's what she really came for anyway.

She wastes no time about getting her hairy cunt out. She's one of those girls who likes to put hair clips and bows in her bush, and once you see her open up her legs and you catch a glimpse of that nice hairy cunt, holy shit, does she ever look tasty.

This chick is quite a cutie for sure. She used to be a brunette, but I like her as a blonde too. What's interesting too, is that she's actually listed as a redhead. She's 22 years old and is a student who loves to do it doggy style.

You can see lots more of Lara spreading and dressing up her bush at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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