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Hairy Sweetheart Lucie
Posted on Sept. 18/09

This very sweet hairy girl Lucie has done alot of excellent work for ATK Hairy. She's an awesome babe who has a nice bush with lots of sexy thigh spillage, and hairy pits. She's also very cute, too.

Lucie first appeared at Natural & Hairy back in scary hairy volume 468, and she currently has 18 galleries including some lesbian ones. She says that she's always been turned on by pretty girls, so that partially explains why it always looks like she's really enjoying herself when she's with another hairy girl. And in all of these, I'd really like to get right in the middle of them and have both the girls service me.

There are 2,558 excellent pictures of Lucie showing off her hairy cunt, as well as 71 movies. If you like this awesome hairy babe as much as I do, there is a real lot to see of this chick.

Lucie also appears in several of ATK's new DVDs. She's in volume 1: Hairy Extravangaza, ATK Hairy volume 3, volume 4: Hairy Milf Mania, volume 9: Milf, and in volume 12: Hairyway to Heaven. Lucie is a totally sweet dish who has alot of fans.

She's 21 years old and she's from the Czech Republic. She says her favorite place is in bed, and I'd love to spend some quality time with her there. That could be for a day, a week or a month, the longer the better!

Check out all of Lucie's very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy, where you'll always find her and all the other hot hairy babes spread and ready to fuck.

The Hairy Hustler
Posted on Sept. 15/09

Chloe is an excellent babe who loves to pump at a hard cock. Normally I wouldn't let anyone sit on my pool table but I'd certainly make an exception for this chick. Especially if she was wearing that bikini and showing off her nice hairy cunt the way she does in this set.

She'd love to shoot a game with you, and she always asks if you'd like to make in interesting... She won't play for money, but what she suggests is that the loser has to be the winner's personal sex slave. And she already knows what she wants you to do to her first. Chloe loves oral sex, so if you lose then you're going to have to eat. She could have you lick her hairy slit for hours no problem. So it doesn't really matter much who wins anyway, because you already know its going to lead to sex.

Chloe is 24 years old and is from the Czech Republic. How many awesome hairy babes does that make then who are from there? Who knows, but there are lots.

She has 24 galleries at ATK Hairy now, and half way through them she dyed her hair red and she looked way, way different. So much so, that you wouldn't recognize her unless you could recognize her quickly just from her cunt. She also did some lesbian scenes in that group of 24 sets too. In total there are 2,824 images available of her showing off her tight, hairy cunt.

Chloe also has 12 movies available and has another eight hardcore galleries over at ATK Galleria. In the thumbnail previews I can see that one of them is a continuation of this gallery.

This chick also appears in a few of ATK's new DVDs as well. She's in Scary Hairy volume 2, and she's also in volume 10, The Best of Scary Hairy.

Chloe describes her ideal man is being romantic, so getting back to the pool table, why not just turn down the lights before you get back to her cunt? There you go, an instant romantic encounter. And check out how she looks from behind. Man, what an awesome babe. She has a nice ass and also has a nice gap.

You can see all of Chloe's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Milf Janica
Posted on Sept. 12/09

Janica is a nice little milf from Slovakia who spends most of her time with her son. She's a nice dish who has a light brown bush. In fact, it's so light in color that it's a bit hard to see from a distance. But once you get up close to it, wow, it's good. And so is her cunt. She's got a very tight slit and hairy pits too. And I like her boots.

Janica's work dates back to scary hairy 466. Besides her photo galleries, she's also got 16 movies including a hardcore series where she's sucking some cock and getting fucked deep. I'd love to have this babe ride my cock instead of his. She also has four hardcore photo sets at ATK Galleria.

This hairy milf is 26 years old and gets totally turned on by licking. And speaking of licking, I'd gladly lick her right off any time. What a sweetheart. And damn, she's got a nice cunt.

She says that she wants to be rich, but who doesn't? She likes it doggie style and says too that her favorite place is in bed. That's perfect, because a bed would be the best place to spend some quality time with this babe.

Check out all of Janica's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Cute Flat Hairy Kelly
Posted on Sept. 09/09

Here's another hairy cutie from scary hairy 466. This girl's name is Kelly, and I've always liked her too.

I remember seeing her around the first time I ever joined ATK Hairy. She's a very sweet babe and she has a nice looking cunt too. And she has a nice ass too.

Kelly is 20 years old and is a student who loves to finger herself. I would certainly help her with that any time, and if her pussy ever needed a tongue bath or anything, I'd be the one to call.

Besides all her photo galleries, Kelly also has 28 movies as well. These seem to be much more recent than her photo sets because her bush is noticeably thicker, and there are several hardcore movies too. Man, would I ever love to be the one fucking her in some of those.

She also appears in some of ATK's new DVDs as well. She's in ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 14: Hairotica, and in Volume 12: Hairway to Heaven. She also has four hardcore galleries at ATK Galleria.

Next time you join that site make sure you use their search engine and check out all the hairy models. There are lots, and most of them have hardcore galleries and movies.

This chick is from the Czech Republic, and she's one of many excellent hairy models that come from there. She's looking for a guy who is smart and responsible, and she likes it doggy style.

You can see all of Kelly's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Sophia
Posted on Sept. 06/09

I believe Sophia is one of the many lesser-known girls at Natural & Hairy, but that happens alot. I've always liked this chick, and I love that combination of her nice blonde hair and the dark brown pubes.

Sophia did a nice job of showing off her hairy cunt in this gallery, as she always does. And she's always looking pretty cute. This was a very good gallery and it was hard to pick out only four sample shots from this one.

She's got 10 galleries at ATK Hairy now, and this is her first one that appeared in the scary hairy section. Her debut gallery appeared in the Hairy Fun section, where a dildo appeared late in the gallery. She also has another 10 sets at ATK Galleria that I have not seen yet.

Sophia also has eight movies available too, and man, is her cunt looking so fucking nice in these. I want to bang this babe so badly. What a little sweetheart.

You can see all of Sophia's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Busty Bettie
Posted on Sept. 03/09

Next we have Bettie, a hairy busty babe who first appears at Natural & Hairy in scary hairy volume 466. These shots are from her very first set, which was huge. Kind of just like her tits are.

Bettie is a pretty hot babe who has a wide bush and a partial treasure trail. She has ten galleries available now, all of which are big sets, and every one of her galleries has been marked as hot by the members of the site.

There are 2,572 images available of her showing off her nice hairy pussy, and she also has 16 movies as well. Pretty nice for a 20 year old, don't you think?

You can see all of Betties excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Sexy Babe
Posted on Aug. 31/09

This is Sandy, who is a very sexy babe. She's got a nice set of tits on her, and she also has a very nice pussy too.

There are currently 14 galleries and 36 movies of her available. Sometimes when I see this chick I can't get over how nice her tits look. That's a really nice handful there. I'd love to have those dangling into my face while she rides my cock, just to stand there and fondle them for something to do would also be fun too.

I like her pussy too. It looks tight and nice, and I also like her pussy lips. I wouldn't mind having those wrapped around my cock any time. In many of her shots she is spread and ready to be fucked hard.

Sandy has huge nipples too, but I'd overlook that no problem. She also has three hardcore sets at ATK Galleria that I haven't seen, but next time I'm there I'm going to check her out some more.

This busty beauty is into music and cinema, and loves oral sex. I would gladly let her polish my knob for me or I would suck her off any time she wants as long as that was followed up with some deep fucking.

You can see all of Sandy's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Blonde Hairy Hottie Daijah
Posted on Aug. 28/09

So now we're up to scary hairy volume 465, and this is where Daijah first came along. This is a totally awesome babe, and she's still one of my all-time favorite hairy girls from ATK Hairy.

She has 40 excellent galleries available now, and that totals out to about 2,800 excellent pictures of her spreading her wickedly nice cunt.

Daijah has some very thick and juicy cunt lips on her and she looks awesome when she spreads her snatch. She's put out a whole lot of quality jerkoff material for sure, and I've got some perfect shots of her in my personal favorites folder. That actually says alot, because I've been a member of ATK Hairy for well over five years now, and I am very selective about what pictures make it into that folder.

Make sure you check out her movies too, because there are some excellent ones there too. My favorite ones were of her in the bath tub. Man, does she ever look fuckable there too. At one point she had the water running into her cunt, then she'd squeeze her cunt muscles and shoot the water out of her and that's when you finally realize what a nice, powerful cunt she's got. Those lips are fucking amazing, and I would love to feel her squeezing my dick with those.

Daijah also appears in several of ATK's new DVDs. She's in ATK Scary Hairy volume 2 and 3, and in ATK Natural & Hairy volume 5, which is called Hot'n Hairy. And man, is she ever!

This awesome babe is 21 years old and it was hard to pick out only four shots from any one of her sets. They're all excellent.

You can see all of Daijah's very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Alissa
Posted on Aug. 25/09

Here's another hairy cutie, this one is Alissa. She first appeared at Natural & Hairy in scary hairy volume 465, and she had 12 galleries and 20 movies available the last time I checked.

She's a nice little chick and she was looking pretty hot in this debut gallery of her in her white fishnet stockings. She's a decent spreader and she looks great when she's spreading her pussy from behind. My favorite views of her of course, are of her when she's on her back with her legs open... ready to fuck.

Alissia is 18 years old and never got around to filling in her bio. All we can do with this hairy cutie is watch and enjoy!

You can see all of Alissa's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hippy Louise
Posted on Aug. 22/09

Next we have a hairy hippy from scary hairy volume 463. This is Louise, who has some tattoos and some piercings and a nice hairy cunt.

Louise currently has 10 galleries available, which equals about 2,100 images. She's a very decent spreader and she looks quite fuckable.

She's only 18 years old and is only 5'3" tall. She's a student who is into photography, art, design and dancing. She's love to screw two guys at once and says her favorite sexual position is on the side.

You can see all of Louise's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Sexy Redhead Karoll
Posted on Aug. 19/09

Since we started this site we've covered alot of really nice babes, and sometimes its hard to do many of the girls justice considering that we only post four pictures of her from one set and then have to move on to the next girl.

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'm still right... the scary hairy section of ATK Hairy gets even better around this point, or maybe something like five or six volumes ago. Now we're up to volume 460 and still have alot to go yet before we get caught up... if we ever even do.

Karoll here is one of the many sexy, hairy redheads that you can find at ATK Hairy. She's a very nice dish and she's a quality spreader. She looks pretty damned hot when she's spreading her snatch too.

This chick is pretty sweet. She kind of reminds me of Dr. Beverly Crusher on Star Trek Next Generation. That chick was pretty hot when that show was out. But anyway, Karoll is 21 years old and has eleven galleries and 24 movies available.

You can see all of Karoll's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Blonde Babe With Black Bush
Posted on Aug. 16/09

I love seeing blondes who have black pubes. This chick Ania is a sweet little thing who loves to spread her legs.

Ania's workd dates back to scary hairy volume 460, and she currently has 12 galleries, mostly of which are in the young and hairy section. Ania also has 16 movies available too.

I remember checking out her work before, but it's been a while. It's always a pleasure to see this babe again.

Ania is 25 years old and is slim and nice. She's got a skinny ass and also looks pretty good from behind. The similar models link from her page gets you lots of hot babes, all blondes, of course.

You can see all of Ania's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Lucy's Big Hairy Cunt
Posted on Aug. 13/09

This girl Lucy from scary hairy volume 460 is a very nice spreader and has a big cunt too. She's got 10 galleries available and every one of them has been marked as hot by the members of ATK Hairy.

Lucy also has 15 movies too. She's 22 years old and has an overall rating of 4.65, which is a pretty decent score.

She's make a very nice fuck toy. I like how this babe looks from the front or the back. Sometimes she likes to spread her cunt and get it close to the camera. Lucy definitely looks fuckable in every one of her galleries.

Lucy is currently unemployed, all the more reason why she'd be a great piece to have on the side, because she'd always be available.

She's into fitnes, kick boxing and loves to give blowjobs. This hairy milf loves to do it doggy style. I'd gladly bang her from behind any day if that's how she likes it.

You can see all of Lucy's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Popular Hairy Girl
Posted on Aug. 10/09

So now we're up to scary hairy volume 460, and this is where Lexie first appeared. She became quite popular almost right away, largely due to this excellent debut gallery, which was awesome. I'm sure this one is her most famous set, and it was kind of hard to pick out only four shots from it.

Lexie made 10 very nice galleries which have all been marked as hot by the members of Natural & Hairy, and she also has 20 movies available as well. She appears in two of ATK's new DVDs, ATK Natural & Hairy (Vol. 3) and ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 14: Hairotica.

She's still got a score of 4.67 out of 5.0 even though its been two years already since we've seen her last photo gallery. I sure hope they bring her back for a repeat performance, that would be great.

Lexie is 22 years old and has some tattoos and piercings, one obvious one is right there on her cunt. She's into building custom motor bikes and song writing, and she also likes latex and leather.

You can see all of Lexie's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy London Spread And Ready To Fuck
Posted on Aug. 07/09

Here's one of the lesser-known hairy models from ATK Hairy, this nice dish is London. I don't recall hearing or seeing anything about her on the hairy pussy forums that I've been hanging out at for several years, but this girl is pretty nice and definitely has a nice pussy.

Her work dates back to scary hairy volume 460. She's got a pretty nice set of boobs on her and she loves to spread her cunt. I especially like today's last shot, in this one she is totally ready to receive some cock.

London is 19 years old and is a student who is into punk rock. She's a California girl and loves snowboarding, swimming, reading and playing soccer. I'd like to go to a game and see her play. And then we could go home and fuck.

She likes a man who is tanned, handsome and has a big smile. Her ideal guy would be someone who treats her like a princess. I could do that no problem as long as she made sure to really take care of my cock.

London says she'd love to have sex at the beach, and says her favorite sexual position is double reverse inverted doggie... whatever the fuck that is. I'd just ignore that... she's a blonde.

You can see all of London's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cheerleader Sadie
Posted on Aug. 04/09

Sadie did a pretty nice job of showing off her hairy twat in this cheerleader gallery. She's 18 years old and has 10 galleries available now, most of which are in the young and hairy section. This was the only one of her sets that ever did appear in scary hairy.

She's 18 years old and spreads her pussy in several positions. I couldn't help but notice that her ass crack looks a bit weird, but I checked all the pictures of her showing her crack and they all look the same. I'd rather get on top of her anyway.

Sadie weighs only 100 pounds and is slim and nice. She's from California and likes it doggy style. But since I think her ass crack looks weird, if she wants to make it with me she's going to have to pick a new favorite position. Her on top would do nicely.

She likes guys with big muscles, a tanned body, someone who is smart, sexy and has a good personality. For her sexual fantasy, Sadie says she wants to make love in peace on the beach. I'm up for that.

You can see more of Sadie at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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