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Blonde Busty Hairy Lemara
Posted on Aug. 01/09

This hairy blonde sure has a nice set of melons on her. She's also kind of cute and has a nice cunt too. She used to be a redhead, and years ago she was noticeably slimmer, but she's still looking quite fuckable.

Lemara has 12 galleries now dating back to scary hairy volume 459, and she also has 16 movies available as well. Their are 10 more galleries of her as a redhead over at ATK Galleria.

This chick sure loves her drink. That last picture is kind of funny, does she think she can milk one of her boobs and refill her glass with wine? I think we should fuck.

She's from the Ukraine and lists her occupation as a housewife. She's totally turned on by anal sex, and if you're going into her pussy instead then she likes it doggy style.

You can see all of Lemara's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy English Bird Ava
Posted on July 29/09

When I first noticed that Ava here is in the Scary Hairy section, I kind of wondered how she made it in here? She does have a hairy pussy, hairy arms and a bit of a hairy ass crack too, but to me it just seems like her bush should be more thick before she can be called Scary Hairy. Still a nice dish and still totally fuckable, but scary hairy? Not to me.

Her work first appeared in volume 457, and she currently has 10 very nice galleries and 16 movies available, and then she's got another nine sets at ATK Galleria.

She's been voted a 4.07 out of a possible high score of 5, so that's not bad at all. I'd love to put my dick up her hairy cunt. That hole would feel really nice. She looks like she'd be an interesting fuck anyway.

Ava is 23 years old and is listed as a redhead. There are so many totally hot and hairy redheads at ATK Hairy you wouldn't believe it. That's because alot of the girls don't even appear to be redheads really, until you either go checking their bios or look at more of their work.

This chick works as a waitress and says she loves the Florida beach. How'd you love to fuck her in the sand?

You can see all of Ava's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nikol Flashes Her Hairy Twat
Posted on July 26/09

This cute hairy dish is Nikol. She's got a wet furry pussy and she's a nice little spreader.

Her work dates back to scary hairy volume 456, and she currently has 10 excellent galleries available as well as seven movies. Nikol also did some hardcore scenes as well, and those sets are over at ATK Galleria.

Nikol is 23 years old and appears in one of ATK's new DVDs, volume 6, which is called Cute'n Hairy. Also starring in this one is Tea, Irina, Nikol, Darill, Barbie, Gabriela, Alexandra, Lucie, Jenny, and Agnes. That's alot of very hot, hairy ladies. You could have yourself a very nice selection of hairy pussy that would get you off continuously for ages if you went to Natural & Hairy and collected pictures just of those girls alone. But why stop there? ATK Hairy has over 2,800 excellent, spread hairy women right there waiting to get you off. You'll want to start a worldwide ban on razors too, once you've seen all of these inviting hairy holes.

Nikol is from the Czech Republic and is into inline skating and swimming. I'd love to meet her in person when she's in a bikini, and then of course, have her take me somewhere private so I can see her remove it.

She really enjoys licking, and says she's quite interested in trying out some bondage. How sweet is that?

You can see all of Nikol's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Young Girl Tina
Posted on July 23/09

Here we have Tina, a 19 year old babe from California who has a pretty face and a tight-looking hairy pussy.

She's got 20 galleries available with a nice variety of sets. In total there are over 2,000 images of her showing off her hairy snatch.

The one of her in the soldier outfit in the woods was pretty nice, as was the one of her in the bunny outfit. She's also a maid, a cowgirl, a cheerleader, and there are several more of her in lingerie.

Tina's work dates back to scary hairy volume 455. She's a student who is studying law enforcement and martial arts. She says she loves to have her neck nibbled on, prefers to be fucked doggy style, and loves rough sex. She sounds like she'd be great fun to hang out with.

You can see all of Tina's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Alyona's Hairy Ass Crack
Posted on July 20/09

Volume 455 of scary hairy is excellent, and this is where this nice hairy babe Alyona first appears. If you've never noticed her before, then once you start checking out her work it won't take too long before for your dick stiff as a board and ready for action.

Alyona has a very fuckable furry pussy as well as a fairly hairy ass crack. She's also a very nice spreader. This chick is a pretty hot little number for sure.

She did several scenes while posing outside, which is something that I really like, and at least a couple of housewife galleries. She also has 17 movies available as well.

She's 25 years old and is horny as hell. She loves to have her bushy pussy licked and sucked, and wants someone who will respect her and admire her for her hair. No problem.

You can see all of Alyona's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Dish Petra
Posted on July 17/09

This hairy blonde Petra is a super sweet babe. Her works dates back to scary hairy volume 455, and she currently has 11 excellent galleries available as well as 16 movies.

She also has four hardcore scenes at ATK Galleria, and I must say the guy who was putting his dick up this sweetheart is one very lucky dude. I'd love to slip it into her. I'd even take sloppy seconds.

Petra is 27 years old and is from the Czech Republic. She loves to get on top and even though she looks amazing when she's in the position, she also happens to look very nice too from behind. Her pussy looks very tight and nice.

You can see all of Petra's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Wide Bush And A Hairy Ass Crack
Posted on July 14/09

This hairy Czech babe Michaela first came along in scary hairy volume 454, and currently has 10 very nice galleries and six movies.

She's an excellent babe, and I love how the hair from her bush creeps down her thighs. She's also got hairy pits and a hairy ass, and looks highly fuckable when she's spreading her legs. She also looks great when she's on her knees and you can see her from behind, or even when she's just sitting there with her legs open a bit and has her arms above her head.

She's 23 years old and also appears in ATK's new DVDs, volume 16, which is called Fuck My Hairy Pussy. There are a bunch of other nice hairy babes in that one, but since Michaela is today's topic, I'll take her no problem. Imagine planting your fuck stick balls deep up her hairy muff. Her hole would feel really nice for your dick for sure. Oh yeah, and she also has nice eyes.

Michaela is listed as a redhead, and works as a salesgirl. She likes it doggie style or cowgirl, and I'd let her take her pick. She loves to have her pussy licked and also says that she'd love to do it in a sauna.

You can see all of Michaela's excellent work only at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hottie Jessica
Posted on July 11/09

This is Jessica, another hot and hairy blonde. She's got 10 very nice galleries available, and these shots are from her ninth set, the only one of her galleries that ever appeared in the scary hairy section. All her other sets are in young and hairy, another huge, huge section of ATK Hairy that we rarely get to talk about on this site.

Jessica's scary hairy gallery appears in volume 454, which is excellent. When I went there specifically to grab some pictures of Jessica for this post, I quickly found myself getting side-tracked. But that happens alot when you surf ATK Hairy, and I'm used to it.

She's also got 16 movies available as well, and appears in ATK's new DVD's, volume 8, Hairy Explosion, with some other popular hairy girls. The 8th volume of ATK Natural & Hairy features even more unshaven, sexy sluts like Adriana who gets her hairy muff and tight little ass stuffed with cock. Sandra looks so studious in her glasses. She has a pretty face, great physique, and super furry bush which she easily double finger-bangs before filling it with a big dong. Cute blonde Cora fucks her shaggy snatch and tight butt hole with an assortment of toys. Plenty of action and lots of good close-ups so you can truly enjoy every pubic, leg and armpit hair in detail! Starring: Adriana, Scarlet, Anna, Solstice, Sasha, Tiffany, Cora, Brook, Kitty, Jessica and Sandra. Alot of hot, hairy babes in that one.

Jessica is 28 years old and has been voted a 4.67 out of a possible high score of 5.0. She seems to be happy in all her galleries and she loves to squeeze her tits together. Jessica's cunt also looks very nice from behind.

You can see more of Jessica at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Babe Claire
Posted on July 08/09

So now we're up to scary hairy volume 452, and here's where Claire first came along. She has 30 excellent galleries now, which equals 6,441 images of her spreading her hairy pussy. Every single one of her sets has been marked as hot by the members of ATK Hairy, so you know she must be pretty hot for sure.

Oh wait a sec... every set has been marked as hot except her very first one, the one that these shots came from. But I enjoyed this gallery pretty much too.

Claire also did another 10 sets that appear at ATK Galleria, and those are all of her as a brunette, before she turned blonde.

She's 22 years old and is slim with a nice bush. She likes guys with dark eyes and a great physique. Claire works as a barmaid, and says that in her spare time she enjoys socializing, dancing and drinking.

You can see all of Claire's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Sweet Hairy Fabienne
Posted on July 05/09

I was looking back in scary hairy volume 449 for the next babe on the list that we haven't talked about yet, and I came across this excellent gallery of Fabienne that I haven't seen for a while. So rather than just going with the next of many girls on the list, let's get side-tracked here a bit and talk about this totally hot and very fuckable, sweet babe Fabienne...

Getting side-tracked at Natural & Hairy is something that can happen quite easily. Especially when you're looking through the scary hairy section. For me, I have a purpose... I'm going in there specifically to grab some shots of the next girl on my list, which is quite long at that. And then I see lots of excellent galleries and hairy girls that I haven't seen for a while, and it's no wonder that sometimes I get behind on my site updates. Then there are all the new galleries that get added every day too. I'm way behind on checking all those too because there's just so much to see. I guess you just have to learn to devote enough time each day if you want to stay on top of it all.

Fabianns has 20 very excellent galleries and I think 16 movies. Almost every one of her sets have been marked as hot. Surprisingly, this particular set has not been, and I though it was one of her nicer ones. But that may also have to do with the fact that she's out spreading on the grass.

But either way, she's a hot little chick. I've always liked this one. Fabienne also appears in at least one of ATK's new DVDs. I know that she's in ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 16: Fuck My Hairy Pussy. I would so love to. And btw, there are some of our favorite long-time hairy favorites in there too, like Sissy, Ember, Martha, Ella and Nikol.

Fabienne is 23 years old and is a student who likes heavy metal and long haired men. She says that she loves to do it against a wall. Is this chick sweet or what?

You can see all of Fabienne's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Playful Josie
Posted on July 02/09

Next in the scary hairy lineup we have Josie, who is a very playful girl and a cutie too. She's got a nice hairy pussy and a nice shape to her. Her work dates way back to scary hairy volume 449.

Josie has 22 nice galleries and 26 movies available now, and besides that she also has 10 more galleries at ATK Galleria. The thumbs look great but I've not seen any of these sets yet. Next time I sign up to ATK Galleria I'm going to check out more of Josie for sure. There are 29 more recent galleries of her at ATK Premium as well, so she's been quite busy showing off her hairy cunt.

Josie is 22 years old and says she likes chocolate and mashed potatoes but not together, and that she works as a waitress.

She's a Star Trek fan and also enjoys reading sci-fi, bubble baths and playing with her sugar glider pets, whatever those are. I would love to come over and play with her any time.

Josie says that she's looking for a guy who is very sexy, open minded, loyal and who adores her. She describes her favorite sexual position as being on the bottom - either on her tummy or on her back - she likes to be squished. Those were her own words. Her sexual fantasy is to walk on a guy while he is jerking off to her. Sounds a bit strange, but I'd try it, especially if that meant we'd fuck when she was done.

You can see all of Josie's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Girl Ishtar
Posted on June 29/09

Here's a nice hairy dish, this is Ishtar. She's got hairy legs, hairy pits and a nice hairy cunt. Her work dates back so scary hairy volume 449, and she currently has 20 nice galleries available as well as 6 movies.

These shots are from a decent set that starts out with her in a short denim skirt. I like hairy girls in short skirts, especially when they aren't wearing anything under them. I like that first shot because you can see the hair running down her thighs. When you see something like that, you just can't wait to see her pussy.

And btw, she's got a nice slit too. For some reason I always thought Ishtar was of Middle Eastern descent, but actually she's from Nebraska. But we could still fuck though.

Ishtar is 22 years old and lists her occupation as a farmer. I'd love to bang her in a field. She's only 5'3, so she's definitely a nice little chick.

She's looking for a man who listens. Do you have to be obedient too? Or just be able to listen? Yup, uh-huh, uh-huh... can we do it now?

I loved reading in her bio about her sexual fantasy... she says she's love to do some fucking in an empty moving rail car. Its' great fun to jump onto a train and party in an empty box car. And if you happen to be with a hairy babe who really did it just so you could fuck her in there, so much the better, right?

You can see all of Ishtar's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Hairy Babe Iveta
Posted on June 26/09

Today we have this awesome babe Iveta and damn, does she ever look good from behind. I didn't have to look too far into this gallery to find my four pictures.

She's done a bunch of excellent work for ATK. She's got 14 galleries and 32 movies at ATK Hairy and 14 galleries at ATK Premium.

Iveta is 23 years old and works as a seamstress, but says she wants to find a job as a secretary. I'd love to hire this honey. In her spare time she likes to do some modelling. And I certainly don't mind checking out her nice work. What a sweetheart.

She likes her men to be sporty, with a beautiful face, nice teeth, tall and preferrably with a big cock. She's from Hungary and fantasizes about having sex with a boyfriend in the washroom at her grandma's flat.

You can see all of Iveta's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Russian Housewife Arina
Posted on June 23/09

This hairy Russian girl is Arina and her work dates way back to scary hairy volume 448. I especially like her galleries of her posing outside. There's this one gallery where she looks pretty hot, and in that one she's outside in the forest wearing her shades and a short skirt.

In this one she starts off by wearing her granny panties, but she looks pretty nice once she pulls them down. Proper thing, her pulling them down, or better yet just remove them altogether. Which she does.

Arina has a treasure trail but doesn't have a hairy ass. She's a decent spreader and she has a nice body.

This chick is a horny Russian housewife who loves to fuck.

You can see more of Arina at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Tea Time With Katerina
Posted on June 20/09

Katerina would love to have you over for tea some time. And she's also going to end up rubbing her wet slit along your dick to the point where you're going fucking crazy, but she won't let you in.

She's an expert cockteaser but in the end she does put out. Her work dates back to scary hairy volume 448 and she currently has nine very nice galleries available. Many of those have been marked as hot by the members of ATK. I remember some very popular sets that she did.

This chick was pretty popular for a while back around the time she was making galleries in 2006, and then ATK brought her back to do some fucking for us.

Besides those nice galleries she's also got 15 movies available as well including some nice fuck scenes and another four hardcore scenes at ATK Galleria.

She appears in ATK's new DVDs volume 5 which is called Hot'n Hairy, and also in volume 7 called Hirsute Harlots.

She's only 19 years old and has a nice set of tits on her. And I think her pussy looks damned fine too. I like it when she's wearing nothing but that necklace.

You can see all of Katerina's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Girl In Nylons
Posted on June 17/09

This is Petra from a very nice nylons gallery where she's posing and looking very hot. And you're saying, move those nylons out of the way. I need to get at your cunt. And the first time you get to see her cunt in this set is of her from behind, but that's cool. I'd love to slip it right in nice and deep.

Petra's work dates back to Scary Hairy volume 448, which is going back quite a ways. She currently has 21 excellent galleries and 16 movies.

She's 22 years old and is listed as a redhead. When you see this babe spreading her snatch you'd agree that she's got a nice slit.

Petra is from the Czech Republic and she loves to suck cock, and you can almost tell just by looking at her. If you stick your hard dick in front of her then watch out. She'll knock you down and suck you right off. That's it babe, show no mercy!

Petra likes fast cars and likes to do it missionary style. You want to go down on her and suck her nice hairy pussy? She'll return the favor with one of the best blowjobs you've probably had in your life.

Check out more of Petra at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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