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Hairy Spreader Rachel
Posted on Apr. 27/09

Check out this nice dish Rachel. What an amazing, wide spreader this little chick is. Most people could fall in lover with this cutie pretty easily.

I though this gallery in scary hairy volume 435 was really nice. I voted a 5 for it, the highest score I could give. There are not many shots of her from behind in this one, or in many different positions at all really, but there are tons of excellent spreadshots from a large variety of distances from the camera. So however close you normally like the girl to be to the camera, there is something for everyone here for sure. She's got really nice pussy lips too.

Rachel currently has 10 excellent galleries totalling 2,365 images, and 14 movies. And only one of her galleries marked as hot? Wow, that's hard to beleive.

She's 27 years old and has a small set of tits on her but I've kind of noticed that the flat hairy girls tend to spread wider, and Rachel just proved my point. The similar models link from her page brings you some really nice results. Wow is all I can say!

You can see all of Rachel's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Scary Hairy Christina
Posted on Apr. 24/09

This nice hairy dish Christina has 10 very nice galleries out there now, and most of them have been marked as hot. That's a kind of new feature at ATK Hairy, counting a certain number of good votes for each model to see how hot she is. They've always had voting on the site, but now whenever any model gets a certain amount of excellent votes, she gets marked as hot.

As far as the voting itself goes, Christina has been voted a 4.68 out of a possible high score of 5, so that's very good. She is a pretty nice chick and she is a very nice spreader too. I'd take her no problem.

I was just talking about this chick Christina over at Hairy Milf Blog because three of her galleries appear in the mature and hairy section as well.

There's not alot of info in her bio, but she does have 16 movies as well, and her photo count is now at 2,371.

You can see more of Christina spreading her nice hairy cunt at ATK Natural & Hairy.

More Riotella
Posted on Apr. 21/09

We've covered this awesome babe Riotella at least twice before but I just saw this particular gallery again in scary hairy volume 434 and couldn't help myself. So lets just take another look at this awesome little chick.

Riotella is a perfect spreader and has 20 very excellent galleries, most of which have been marked as hot. In total there are 3,975 excellent images of her spreading her nice hairy pussy.

She has 17 movies available as well, and appears in ATK's new DVDs volume 13 called Hairageous.

Riotella is 19 years old and works as a waitress, model and artist. She's from England and likes athletic men and men in uniforms.

You can see all of Riotella's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hot Blonde Favorite Sabrina
Posted on Apr. 18/09

I've met so many people online who love this hairy babe Sabrina. She's a highly fuckable and gorgeous blonde who happens to be a nice leggy chick with nice thick lips... both on her face and between her legs.

I would love to get to know this sweet girl very intimately. She's got 16 very nice galleries now and 15 movies at ATK Hairy. She also has four hardcore sets at ATK Galleria. That's the site where ATKingdom keeps the bulk of their hardcore material, so if that's the kind of stuff you need then go and check out ATK Galleria. Don't worry if you do not see too many hairy girls on the tour... once you're in the member's area you can quickly and easily use their search engine and get to all the hairy stuff in seconds.

Sabrina is 19 years old and loves being kissed on the ear. She's from Russia and says that she's like to have sex in a fitting room of a clothing store. Dirty girl, eh?

You can see all of hot Sabrina at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Redhead Hottie Vendy
Posted on Apr. 15/09

This Vendy chick is a hairy hottie. I like her thick red bush and her hairy pits. She's always smiling too, which obviously adds to her overall sex-appeal.

She's got eleven galleries and 12 movies now, and appears in ATK's new DVDs volume 2. She also has another five hardcore galleries at ATK Galleria. The guy who got to fuck her for those series is one lucky guy. I'd love to bang this chick.

If you click on the similar models link from her page that gets you some very nice results. Almost all of them are hot babes that you'd also love to fuck.

Vendy is 19 years old and works as a babysitter. She's from the Czech Republic and enjoys reading and computers.

I enjoyed reading her full bio, as I do with almost all the models. That cool feature about ATK's sites gives me a wealth of information. And I like that Vendy's sexual fantasy is to have a quickie. That's all? Just a quickie? If that's all she wants then I could give her the best 30 seconds of her life!

You can check out all of Vendy's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Horny Hairy Aysha
Posted on Apr. 12/09

Next we have Aysha, who is a cute hairy German vet student. She first appears at Natural & Hairy in scary hairy volume 432 and currently has 14 nice galleries available as well as 36 movies.

This was the only one of her galleries that appeared in the scary hairy section. The others are all over the place... in young and hairy, hairy fun and even in the hairy lesbians section. But of course, everything on every model is always available from their own page.

Aysha is 20 years old and is a decent spreader. I liked how hot she looks in that dress in the beginning of this gallery. That fact that she's already on a bed might have something to do with it too, but that kind of dress does lift up very easily. And that's always useful.

She likes her men to have nice butts, and says that her sexual fantasy is to be caught having sex in public, or caught doing porn. She likes to get on top and wants your dick to go up her right now!

You can see more of Aysha at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Eclipse
Posted on Apr. 09/09

Did any of you think that a hairy eclipse had something to do with the sun, the moon or the planets? I'm talking about this hairy girl Eclipse, who first appears at Natural & Hairy in scary hairy volume 431.

There are tons of excellent galleries in this volume but only one new girl that we haven't covered yet. Wow, it sure is easy to get side-tracked here... so much nice hairy cunt it's sweet!

Eclipse is 25 years old and has 10 galleries mostly in the young and hairy section, and every one of them has been marked as hot. If you're one of the many hairy pussy lovers who like this chick then you'll be glad to know that there are many more hairy babes just like Eclipse who have very similar builds and who look overall very much like this girl.

I like the way she's sticking her cunt out at you in one of these shots. She's almost saying, you want to take your dick out and fuck me? And then she gets down on the floor and spreads her hot hairy snatch nice and wide. I'd jump her no problem.

She looks kind of cute too with her hairy pits, the tattoo and the piercings in her nipples. Overall I'd say she's definitely worthy.

You can see all of Eclipse's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Jungle Nymph
Posted on Apr. 06/09

This hairy blonde Jungle Nymph has a weird name but she sure is cute. And if she really is a nymph then I'd love to spend some time with her. She's got a nice slit and she looks damned hot when she's on all fours.

Her work dates back to scary hairy volume 430, and she currently has 10 nice galleries. Some of those ones are pretty excellent. This girl looks highly fuckable when she spreads her legs.

I noticed that she has 10 more galleries at ATK Galleria and when I saw the previews I was thinking, holy shit, has she ever lost alot of weight. But that's mostly because all those galleries are in the pregnant section. She looks way better now anyway. I'd do her no problem. And I mean the way she is in the Natural & Hairy galleries.

Jungle Nymph is 24 years old and says she likes playing in dirt. She says her favorite sexual position is #32 in the Kama Sutra book, whatever that is.

You can see all of Jungle Nymph's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Mature Hairy Babe Cara
Posted on Apr. 03/09

This very nice hairy spreader Cara has 10 excellent galleries available, and this is the only one that appears in the scary hairy section of ATK Hairy at all. All of her other work is in the mature and hairy section, which is also one of my very favorite parts of the site.

What a perfect spreader this chick is. I remember when she first appeared at Natural & Hairy for the first time, and I've always liked this chick and was always looking forward to seeing her next gallery. I saw them all as they came out and this girl is very hot for sure.

She's 30 years old, is an Hispanic girl, has a nice bush between her legs and also has 20 movies to check out.

When she filled in her bio she said she was unemployed at the time. She described her sexual fantasy as acceptance, which doesn't really make sense to me. If you were about to fuck this awesome babe, who could not accept the fact that she's hot, got a nice hairy cunt and a wet slit? She wants acceptance? Then I'd like to introduce her to my dick.

Check out all of Cara's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Russian Spreader
Posted on Mar. 31/09

This Russian girl Tamara is a very excellent spreader, and while checking out her all her nice work I couldn't help but notice that there seems to be alot of closeup shots of her pussy in just about every gallery.

Her movies are very nice too. I liked the series of her on a bed with a hair brush... and you know where that ends up going!

Tamara first appears in scary hairy volume 428, and currently has 10 cool galleries and nine movies available. The similar models link from her page gets you some very nice results. See, that's what can very easily happen when you're surfing at Natural & Hairy.

You click on that one link and see all those other girls who are similar to the one you just really liked, and you end up just surfing those similar models and forget that you kind of had a purpose when you sat down at your computer. Either way you're going to see a whole lot of nice hairy cunt, I only mention it because you might have intended to just work your way through a bit more of any one section. And then you get tied up in it and get lost. I know it's happened to me many times. But it's all good man, you're probably not going to ever see the whole site anyway, even if you stayed a member for over a year. That's why I keep telling you guys to sign up for the 3 month option because in the long run it's going to save you money. And there is no way you can see everything in only one month. Not a chance. Even if you made surfing Natural & Hairy your full-time job.

So back to Tamara... she's 18 years old and has small tits but a nice hairy cunt. She's a student who loves to be kissed on the lips and the neck. Her ultimate sexual fantasy is to be ravaged by a group of men. We should all get together and invite her over and then bang the crap out of her. I wonder how many of us she could out-fuck before she had enough?

You can see all of Tamara's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Shape to Hairy Nadja
Posted on Mar. 28/09

This little chick Nadja has a nice shape to her. She's got a thick, bushy pussy and a nice set of tits. Add that to a slim waist and the fact that she has no extra flab on her anywhere, and you can see that this is one pretty hot babe.

Nadja's first available gallery appears in scary hairy volume 428. There are now 14 nice galleries and 24 movies to watch of her. I forgot to mention that she looks even more sexy because of her hairy pits and her nice ass. What a little sweetheart. I'd love to spend a few afternoons with her, that's for sure.

Nadja is 22 years old and has also done a few hairy lesbian sets as well. What a cute little babe.

You can see more of Nadja at ATK Natural & Hairy, the absolute biggest and best hairy pussy site available anywhere!

Bushy Babe Lorina
Posted on Mar. 25/09

This bushy babe Lorina is always a pleasure to look at. She's done quite alot of work for ATK Hairy already. There are currently 31 excellent galleries of her now, and several if not most have been marked as hot by the members of the site. There were 5,483 excellent photos of Lorina to pull your dick to. What an excellent spreader.

I've always liked this dish, and I know alot of my fellow hairy pussy lovers have too. She's an pretty perfect spreader, and I really like her nice messy bush.

Lorina is 24 years old and also has 14 movies available too. She works as a glamour model and likes it when you cum on her tits.

Her hopes and dreams are to be your wildest dream. Oh yeah? Sounds interesting. She does seem to be a bit kinky too, because she says she'd love to try licking chocolate icecream from a girl's pussy.

You can see all of Lorina's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Megan's Thick Cunt Lips
Posted on Mar. 22/09

Before we leave volume 427 of scary hairy, I just wanted to mention that this is where Megan's last gallery appeared. In this one she a brunette. Some of you may remember seeing her as a super-hot blonde.

I remember the first time I saw her, and I basically fell in love with her right away. She's got super thick cunt lips and she's an excellent spreader. I've got some perfect spreadshots of her as a blonde and I'm certainly not complaining.

Megan has 20 galleries available and was a blonde until about half way through her sets and then all of a sudden she's a brunette, including her pubes too.

But she's still got her thick, meaty cunt lips and she's an awesome spreader. These shots are from the last gallery she did. She's still nice but I think I like her better that way she looked when I first saw her.

She's also got 21 movies, and then there are another 10 nice galleries at ATK Galleria. She's in one of ATK's new DVDs which is called Foot Lovers Delight.

Megan is 18 years old and is a student from Florida. She wants to bang a school teacher in a classroom on a desk, and likes to do it while she's on her back with her legs up in the air.

You can see all of Megan's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Pussy and Ass
Posted on Mar. 19/09

This hairy cutie Cameron has a nice ass. Flip her over and she's got some sexy hairy pits and a nice pussy too.

Her work dates back to scary hairy volume 427, and she's got 20 galleries available totalling to 3,152 images of her spreading her hairy cunt.

Cameron is a great spreader. She's not shy at all. It looks like she has sort of a baby face in some of her pictures and that makes her look noticeably more like just an average girl... I'm talking about her face only, and not her hairy cunt. I actually thought Cameron was a teenager until I read her bio.

She also has eight movies as well, and they have all been rated very high by the members of Natural & Hairy.

Cameron is 21 years old and is a student. Her favorite music is funk, and she likes back rubs, hiking, camping and skinny dipping. She likes to get on top and says she's looking for a guy with strong hands or a strong tongue.

You can see all of Cameron's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen Andrea
Posted on Mar. 16/09

Here's this hairy teen Andrea, who I'm sure you must remember having seen before. Her oldest set appears in scary hairy volume 427, and she currently has eleven nice sets available.

She was a fairly popular girl when her work was current. She's a nice spreader, and I sure wouldn't mind doing her myself.

By the time she finished her last available set, her hair had grown longer and it's hard to say if she looks cuter with long hair or cuter with it short like it is in this set. I'd definitely fuck her anyway. She's got a nice cunt and you can tell that she loves to spread her legs.

Andrea is 19 years old and is a student from Hungary. She likes playing computer games, and gets turned on by erotic movies. When it comes to sex, Andrea likes it doggy the best.

You can see all of Andrea's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Anja's Powerful Hairy Cunt
Posted on Mar. 13/09

This hairy blonde Anja has what looks to be a very powerful cunt. Those lips look pretty awesome, and I bet she could squeeze your cock really nice with those.

Her galleries date back to scary hairy volume 427, and she currently has 14 galleries available. This was actually the only one of her sets that ever did appear in the scary hairy section.

This was a very nice gallery, and it was hard to narrow this one down to only four shots. I'd love to stick it in her. I love how her cunt lips hang down in some of her shots, and she's also got a pretty decent set of tits on her too.

Anja is 24 years old and works at a hotel. She likes big hands and big dicks, and says her hobbies include sex and rock'n roll.

She's from Germany and says that she'd really like to dominate a man. She also likes to get on top, which would be pretty perfect considering that it would be nice to have her dangle those boobs in your face while she rides your cock. Her cunt looks pretty nice when she's assuming that position anyway.

You can see all of Anja's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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