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Hairy Girl Romana in Nylons
Posted on Mar. 10/09

Next up is this hairy sweetheart Romana. These shots are not from her first set, but here's a nice nylons gallery. I really enjoyed this set. I love the way her cunt lips are straining against the nylons in some of these shots. Her pussy looks excellent as viewed through her nylons, and by the time she gets them off her cunt looks that much better, and you're about ready to squirt a load. I would absolutely love to fuck this hairy honey.

Romana's work dates back to scary hairy volume 426. She currently has 14 galleries available including a few lesbian sets. In all, there are over 2,000 images of Romana showing off her hairy twat at Natural & Hairy. She also has some work that appears at ATK Galleria, where she has four hardcore sets.

Besides her galleries at ATK Hairy, she also has 28 movies. Ghe scene of her in the shower is her highest-rated movie set, and that one's been given a score of 4.86, which is about as close to perfect as you can get, especially when you consider that the top score for anything on the site is a 5.0. I don't believe this chick is all that well-known, but she sure is hot.

Romana also appears in ATK's new DVDs. She appeared in volume 3, and then again in volume 13 which is called Hairageous.

This hairy girl is 28 years old and I'd love to bang her. Once you go checking out her work in more detail, you'll want to bang her too.

You can see all of Romana's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Babe Andy
Posted on Mar. 07/09

Andy's work dates back to scary hairy volume 426. I remember when she first appeared at Natural & Hairy. Everyone was asking about this girl, wondering who she was and if there was more to see of her.

She ended up doing 10 very nice galleries, and most of them have been marked as "hot" by the members. She's 18 years old and has a nice hairy patch over her pussy. Andy also has a treasure trail and a hairy ass crack.

She's 18 years old but looks older than that to me in some of her pictures. Either way I'd still gladly bang her no problem, as I'm sure most guys would.

You can see all of Andy's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Spreader Bonnie
Posted on Mar. 04/09

This hairy spreader Bonnie is always nice to look at. She has 10 excellent galleries dating back to scary hairy volume 426, and every one of them have been marked as "hot" by the members of Natural & Hairy.

Bonnie also has 10 movies available as well, and has an overall rating of 4.70 out of a possible score of 5. That rating was also given to her by the members of ATK Hairy.

She's 23 years old and she's an excellent spreader. Bonnie enjoys dancing and going out with friends. She likes tall dark and handsome guys, and says that she fantasizes about having sex in a wedding dress. I've always like brides too, especially ones with hairy pussies. Take a look at one of my other sites called Hairy Fiance. If I were hanging around with this babe I'd buy her a wedding dress so she could wear it while we fuck. I think that would be great fun... just have her lay back, lift up her dress and give me her hairy cunt.

Bonnie is from England and says that she likes it missionary style the best. She's a great spreader and I think her hole would feel really nice.

You can see all of Bonnie's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Blonde Czech Babe
Posted on Mar. 01/09

Here's another nice hairy blonde. This one is called Camilla, and her oldest gallery appears at Natural & Hairy in scary hairy volume 425.

This is a nice little blonde who has a great-looking twat and also has sexy, hairy pits. She also happens to be a very decent spreader. I like her thick cunt lips too.

She's done a ton of great work for ATK already. She has 11 galleries and 11 movies at Natural & Hairy, and seven galleries at ATK Galleria including some hardcore ones. She also has eight newer galleries at ATK Premium, and appears in ATK's new DVDs volume 18: More Scary Hairy.

Camilla is 25 years old and is looking for a man who is sincere. Well I'd sincerely love to bang her any time, is that good enough? She likes it cowgirl and says her favorite place is in bed. It would be great to be friends with this babe.

What's that on her arm in the last shot? Is that a birth control patch? Oh cool. Let's fuck then, honey.

You can see alot more of Camilla at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Babe Natalia
Posted on Feb. 26/09

This hairy babe Natalia looks pretty hot when she's stripping. I like how her bush is sticking out of her panties in that first shot.

As she gets naked and you keep feeding her more and more wine, your dick would be aching to get into that nice hairy pussy of her's by the time she gets naked completely.

Her pussy looks like it would feel real nice. Is it my imagination, or does it look like she's getting a bit wasted by the time the last picture was shot? Who wouldn't like to spend some quality time with a drunk hairy chick?

Natalia has 10 galleries available now, and says that she gets turned on by kissing. Kiss her ears, kiss her neck and kiss her shoulders while you slowly rub your hard dick on her slit and she'll be wet for you in no time.

You can see all of Natalia's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Flat Hairy Tara
Posted on Feb. 23/09

This chick Tara has done some very nice work for ATK Hairy. She's got 10 excellent galleries available which equals 2,363 great photos of her hairy pussy, and she's also got 15 movies to enjoy as well.

Tara first appeared in scary hairy volume 424, and currently has an overall rating of 4.59 which was given to her by the members of Natural & Hairy. If you'd like to become a member yourself and vote on all the models as you please, just follow this link.

This chick is a nice spreader and her hairy slit looks very tight. Her only downfall, if you want to call it that, is that she's also very flat. But that's ok, I've seen many, many awesome hairy flat girls at Natural & Hairy as well. And in fact, most are highly fuckable too.

She's 29 years old and her galleries got better and better as they came out for sure. These ones are from her first set.

Tara likes men in uniform and says she likes to get on top. Her sexual fantasy involves her being blindfolded, taken in a limo to a private jet, flown to a secret island, brought to a waterfall, pleased, teased and then comes some group sex with both men and women, all while she is blindfolded. I guess you couldn't get more specific than that, could you? Sweet girl.

You can see all of Tara's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Housewife Rada
Posted on Feb. 20/09

This hairy Russian girl is 19 years old and already calls herself a housewife. Rada has a hairy pussy and a great set of tits on her too. These shots are from what was probably her most famous gallery ever.

She first appeared at Natural & Hairy way back in volume 417, and she currently has a rating given to her by the members of ATK Hairy of 4.63, which is a very good standing.

Rada looks great from behind. And btw, wet bushes look pretty nice, don't they?

She says that she really loves her bath, and who wouldn't want to join her in the tub for a good long pounding? She wants to have sex in the forest some time, and that would be great too. Nothing like the feeling of some grass tickling your bag while your dick is visiting her hot, wet fuck hole.

Oh yes, another thing that I like about Rada is that she likes it doggy and anal. How sweet is that?

Check out her nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy and imagine driving your hard cock right up her tight ass too.

Fuckable Hairy Blonde
Posted on Feb. 17/09

Check out this nice little blonde Evgenia. She's 21 years old and has an incredible ass. I love this first shot of her showing off her ass. I'd like to keep this girl for a good while... if I really had her.

Evgenia first appeared in scary hairy volume 416 and currently has 24 nice galleries available, which totals to over 2,600 very nice pictures. She also has 12 movies too, and appears in ATK's new DVDs volume 15, which is called More Blonde and Hairy.

She also has another 10 galleries at ATK Galleria, so she's been a busy girl. She's a decent spreader and so far she's provided us with alot of good material.

Evgenia is a Russian girl and says she gets turned on by everything. Wouldn't she be nice to know? She's also a student, and says that she likes to get on top.

You can see all of Evgenia's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Former Hairy Favorite Kerry
Posted on Feb. 14/09

Kerry looks pretty hot in her tight jeans, and once she gets them off and you glimpse her hairy pussy, holy shit... what a nice hole!

She's got 10 really nice galleries and 13 movies available now, and she seemed to be almost everyone's hairy favorite for a while back when her galleries were all current.

Kerry is 28 years old and right now she has a rating of 4.71 out of a possible high score of 5, which is really very good considering that she' hasn't made any new galleries for a while.

She's a dancer and a model, and she's from Oxford, England. She sure has a nice hairy pussy there, and she's got nice lips too.

Kerry wants to take part in a gangbang. Can we sign up for that anywhere?

Check out more of this nice hairy girl at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Lilly
Posted on Feb. 11/09

This hairy girl Lilly is a total cutie. We seemed to have forgotten a few girls back around scary hairy volume 414, and I'm glad I noticed, because this one is well worth checking out.

Lilly has nine galleries and 15 movies available now, as well as another 11 galleries at ATK Galleria, so she's done a fair bit of work for ATK already.

I like that tattoo on her ankle, it's discreet enough and it makes her look even more cute. I also couldn't help but notice that turquoise ring in the second shot here. Doesn't it kind of distract you for a second or two from looking at her hairy pussy?

She's 23 years old, loves pizza and loves rock and roll. She works as a receptionist and says that she really likes to get on top. I really like the last picture here because it shows her in a position all ready to get on top. She looks totally hot, and I'd love to have her climb aboard and slip it right in slow, deep and nice.

Wanna' see how wet Lilly's hairy cunt can get? You can see all of Lilly's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Pussy Hairy Pits Hairy Ass
Posted on Feb. 08/09

This excellent hairy babe Maryjane has it all... she's got a very nice hairy cunt, a hairy ass, sexy hairy pits and hairy legs too.

We've talked about Maryjane before but I just came across this excellent gallery of her in scary hairy volume 422, and I couldn't pass this one up.

She's an excellent spreader and she's got 30 galleries available. She has an overall rating of 4.52 out of a possible high score of 5. She also has 20 movies available as well. If you like this babe, there is certainly alot of excellent content available of her to get you off no problem.

She provides us with alot of total jerkoff material right here in this one gallery. She's an excellent spreader and in case you haven't noticed yet she has an awesome hairy cunt. I like how her bush creeps way out past her panties and down her leg. She looks extremely fuckable when she's laying on her back spreading, and as equally fuckable again when she's on her stomach spreading her pussy from behind because then you get to see what a nice hairy ass she has as well.

Maryjane also appears in ATK's new DVDs, and she's in volume 10, which is called Best of Scary Hairy. She definitely deserves to be in that one.

MaryJane is only 23 years old and she also has a pretty nice set of tits. She works as a waitress and says her favorite sexual position is on her knees. I'd love to see her on her knees, right in front of me.

She likes her men to be smart and to have a great sense of humor. And she's looking for someone now who will spoil and pamper her. But of course you'll have to get in line.

You can see all of Maryjane's very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Very Sweet Hairy Lena
Posted on Feb. 05/09

These shots of hairy Lena are from one of her excellent galleries that appeared in the exotic and hairy section. She looks extremely hot posing on a bed with her lingerie on, and she's got a really nice ass too.

She eventually gets the panties off and stuffs them right up her hairy hole. Later again, she's grabbing them by her teeth and stretching them to put on a bit of a show. But by that time we're all busy looking at her nice hairy pussy.

She's done alot of work for ATK. If you've never seen this hairy babe before then you've been missing out on alot of nice hairy cunt. This is an awesome little chick.

Lena currently has 22 galleries, which equals over 2,400 excellent images. About half of those are of her as a brunette and I think she looks much hotter with her hair that way. But most of you would probably recognize her as a blonde. Lena also has done 41 movies for ATK Hairy as well.

Besides all that hard work, she has another 11 sets at ATK Galleria and 10 more at ATK Premium. She also appears in ATK's new DVDs, and she's in volume 13 which is called Hairageous.

Lena is 23 years old and is from the Ukraine. She says that she loves to get on top, and that would be perfectly fine, but I really love those shots of her posing from behind. Her pussy looks great when she's in that position and besides, she's got a very nice ass.

You can see all of Lena's very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Tasty Paula
Posted on Feb. 02/09

Here's a nice hairy girl from scary hairy who looks very tasty. Her name is Paula, and she says her favorite sexual position is 69. I'd love to mow down on her pussy for a while no problem. She sure looks pretty sweet.

Paula has 12 galleries available now, and 17 movies. She also appears in ATK's new DVDs and she's in volume 13 which is called Hairegeous. Besides all that, she also has four hardcore sets at ATK Galleria.

This is a very sexy, hairy babe. There is so much nice hairy cunt there at ATK Hairy you wouldn't believe it. If you can take the time to go through the site, you'll come across lots of your hairy favorites and for sure you'll see alot of hairy babes that you haven't seen before too.

Paula is 23 years old and says she is a student. She's from the Czech Republic and says her favorite place is in bed. How'd you love to spend a day or two with her there?

You can see all of Paula's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Favorite Cloe
Posted on Jan. 30/09

We spoke about Cloe before, but I just came across another awesome gallery of her's in scary hairy volume 421. She has 20 excellent galleries and 16 movies available.

Cloe has always been a favorite to us hairy pussy lovers. She's got hairy legs, a hairy ass, a nice hairy snatch of course, and as you can see she's a totally fuckable babe.

She also appears in ATK's new DVDs, and she appears in volume 10 called The Best of Scary Hairy. She deserves to be in that one for sure.

Cloe is 26 years old and works as a travel agent. She likes dancing naked and playing chess. Her ultimate sexual fantasy is to make love in a hot air balloon.

You can see all of Cloe's very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Wicked Spreader Jessie
Posted on Jan. 27/09

This chick Jessie is a wicked spreader and also has a really nice cunt. She's got a nice bush and she looks very horny. She's provided us with some very excellent jerkoff material.

These shots are from her oldest gallery which appears in volume 421. Jessica looks very sexy in that red dress, and especially so when she lifts it up and shows us her awesome cunt.

She has 10 excellent galleries now, which equals over 2,600 excellent images of her spreading her awesome hairy pussy. There is some really nice stuff here for sure.

Jessica is 26 years old and says she is still a student. She likes going out, and likes it when you bend her over a table. Her sexual fantasy is to be tied up, and I would gladly help her out with that one. Who wouldn't?

You can see all of Jessica's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Chile's Hairy Cameltoe
Posted on Jan. 24/09

This hairy girl Chile has a cameltoe and a really nice set of tits. She's 18 years old and she looks pretty hot. Chile is just a touch bigger than what I usually like as far as women go, but I'd certainly make an acception for this one.

Her galleries date back to scary hairy volume 420, and as do most of the models at ATK Hairy, she has a full bio. Wow, I really like her tits. I could play with those for a good while.

Chile is a stripper and likes to be kissed on her ear. As you can tell while looking through her galleries, she sometimes likes to spread open her hole. She likes it doggy the best, and hopes to one day be a belly dancer.

You can see all of Chile's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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