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Hairy Dyke Hanna

Hanna currently has 10 photo galleries and five movies at Natural & Hairy. Her galleries were coming out around the time that they were working on volumes 230 to 240, which was maybe a little over a year ago. As it stands now, ATK is updating scary hairy volume 527. There are 10 to 12 galleries per page, so you do the math! There's lots of scary hairy galleries ready to see.

Back to Hannah... she's maybe a little bit chunky as compared to most of the other models we've covered already, but you get used to her real quick. Especially once you see all the awesome spreadshots she's putting out.

Hanna is 20 years old and says that she's already found her perfect match... and it's a woman. Her turn-ons include watching the back/belly arch as you orally please a woman. Yes, that is a nice site!

You can see all of Hannah's nice pictures and movies at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Scary Hairy Russian Jenna

Jenna is a really nice little chick with a tight hairy pussy and a nice hairy ass. She's an excellent spreader and has 17 really nice galleries available. These are all hot stuff!

She's a 20 year old student from Russia, and says she likes to have a dick go up her from behind. She also says she wants to have sex in a pool or on the beach.

Check out all of Jenna's excellent work, you'll love this stuff for sure!

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

Elizabeth's Big Bush

Elizabeth has a nice bush and has 10 galleries in the scary hairy section.

She's 20 years old and is a decent spreader. She looks pretty hot in this pantyhose gallery. I remember many of her sets, she did a nice variety of work. She had a cool schoolgirl set, and a really good one of her in the tub, among others.

Check out all her nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Lika Hairy Pussy

Lika is an 18 year old student from Russia. Her first set came out way back in scary hairy volume 229. These sample pics are from that first gallery. I noticed that her sets we getting better and better during the course of her career at ATK. Too bad she's not still modelling for ATK, because she has a nice cunt.

All her work is very nice, and she's a decent spreader.

You can see all of Lika's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Spreader Lyndsay

Lyndsay is 20 years old and currently has 10 nice galleries available. Her first gallery appeared in scary hairy volume 226, and her 10th one in volume 515. So they weren't so quick about releasing her work really, but there's alot of Lyndsay spreading her hairy cunt altogether. She seems to be a bit shy at times, but once she gets into it she really loves to show us what she's got.

There is a full bio available on Lyndsay, and she says that she's a secretary and that she likes men in uniform. She also likes to get on top. I'd love to have this punta get on top and ride it however she wants.

Most of the models at Natural & Hairy have full bios available, and every girl has a link from her page in case you're looking for similar models of anyone you see. Their search engine is also amazing, I've used that several times myself.

You can see all of Lyndsay's work at Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Italian Babe Lucia

Lucia is a 20 year old Italian girl with a nice hairy cunt. Man, does she look hot when she spreads that hairy pussy.

I liked all her sets, and in this first picture where she has her panties on and you can see the bush protruding out from the edges. This chick is pretty hot with that bush.

There are 10 really nice sets of her at Natural & Hairy and five sets at ATK Exotics. I have current memberships at both these sites, and they are both excellent.

Scary Hairy Caitlin

Caitlin is one of my personal favorites. She's an excellent spreader too. There are several very good sets of her available. One of my favorite sets of her was that one of her in the "green room", where she's laying spread on a white furry blanket. Holy shit, there are some really nice shots of her hairy pussy in that one. That's typical of all her sets, but the one I mentioned is just so memorable!

This chick is a total cutie with her nice hairy cunt, her hairy legs, her hairy pits and overall she's just... sweet.

Get yourself access to ATK Natural & Hairy and check out all of Caitlin's work. If you're not already in love with this hairy cutie, then you will be for sure once you've seen all her work. I can't say enough good about this sweetheart and ATK's scary hairy section. Both are highly recommended.

There are currently 17 excellent sets of Caitlin at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Check it out NOW!

ATK Hairy Sarka

Sarka is another excellent spreader with a thick hairy bush. I loved this pantyhose gallery, and really loved those shots where you can see her slit and her bush through the pantyhose themselves.

This cutie has 10 really nice sets at Natural & Hairy, and they recently released a DVD of her too.

Sarka was 18 years old when she first appeared at ATK. Her newest gallery in the scary hairy section of Natural and Hairy is four years old. But she's still modelling for ATK. All her new work is at ATK Premium, where she currently has 19 new sets.

You can see all of Sarka's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy. or at ATK Premium.

Scary Hairy Mari

This hairy cutie Mari has 16 excellent galleries and 41 movies. All her galleries are excellent, and she provides some really good jerk-off material for ATK Hairy fans.

There are a few lesbo sets as well, and even if you're not so into lesbians, you'll still find some of these really nice. Definitely worth looking at for sure.

Mari is an excellent spreader with nice thick, meaty pussy lips and a nice bush. Oh yeah!

I personally am not so fond of body piercing but I'd certainly overlook the ones she's got. I don't think I'd want to really kiss her too much though.

Mari is an 18 year old gardener and loves sex. I'd love to sex her myself!

See all her awesome galleries and movies at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen Janelle

ATK Janelle is another big-time hairy favorite. She first appeared around May 2006 and was instantly a big hit! I remember everyone was asking, who's this girl? Janelle is 18 years old and did a ton of galleries for ATK during the span of her short career. She's a totally hairy sweetheart and she's an awesome spreader.

This hairy girl is another of the models that we had on this site before. We had three sample galleries of her available, and those ones are still here:

As you can see, Janelle has a very hairy pussy and a hairy ass. She works as a baby-sitter... wouldn't you love to have her "look after you" for a night or two? She currently has 30 excellent galleries available at Natural & Hairy.

So many people have asked me before when they'll be releasing some movies of her, but I am sorry to say that she never did any video at all. I got this info straight from ATK themselves.

You can see all of Janelle's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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