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Angie Has Long Pubes
Posted on Jan. 21/09

This chick Angie who first appears back in scary hairy volume 419 is a cutie who has long pubes. Her bush is wide and in some of her shots you can really notice the length of her pussy hair.

Angie has 14 galleries and 17 movies now. I like how her bush sneaks out from around her panties in this first shot. She reminds me of another mature hairy model that I like by the name Alena. They do both look fairly similar.

Angie is a nice spreader. Actually, this one is pretty nice. And she sure has an awesome cunt. What a sweetheart.

She's 19 years old and is a student. Her galleries appear in several different sections. She's in also in young and hairy section, the hairy fun section, and she also has some lesbian galleries as well.

In her spare time she likes to dance and model, and says her favorite sexual positon is doggy.

You can see all of Angie's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Total Redhead Spreader Jodi
Posted on Jan. 18/09

Remember this hairy model Jodi? She did a bunch of nice work for ATK, and she was a very popular girl for a while too.

Her oldest available gallery is in scary hairy volume 415. She has 22 galleries now, which is over 2,700 images of her nice hairy pussy. There are lots of excellent spread shots of her and also some that are very in-your-face ones too, and overall she provides us hairy pussy lovers with some pretty nice material.

Jodi also has 28 movies too. This chick is a total spreader, and I've always liked her. I think she dyes her hair though, because that orange hair doesn't match her bush very closely. But I like the bush color and I'd love to bang this cutie too.

She's from the Ukraine and is 20 years old. Jodi is also a student who's favorite position is 69. I'd love to find out how nice she could suck it.

You can see all of Jodi's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Spanish Hottie Liana
Posted on Jan. 15/09

This hottie Liana has done alot of work for ATKingdom already. She currently has 9 galleries and 15 movies available at ATK Hairy, and 10 preggo sets at ATK Galleria. The pregnant series were done before she appeared at ATK Hairy, so that means that now she is a milf, and a pretty hot one at that.

Liana also appears in ATK's new DVDs, and she's in Pregnant Amateurs vol. 1. This chick is a really nice dish. I remember on the boards everyone was liking her alot when her galleries were current. But of course, it seems everyone has forgotten about her by a mile because so many new hairy babes have come along. Oh well, I'd certainly still fuck her though.

Her oldest available gallery appears in scary hairy volume 414. She's 23 years old and works as a bar teneder. She says that she'd like to live on she Spanish coast and be naked all day. That sounds pretty tempting, but what I also liked in her bio was the fact that she loves oral sex, and her favorite sexual position is 69. I sure wouldn't mind sucking on her cunt while she polishes my knob. And she also wants to get fucked on the beach in the daylight. Sounds like great fun!

You can see all of hot Liana's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Virgin Anfisa
Posted on Jan. 12/09

Anfisa is a nice hairy dish that I never hear anything about. She must be one more of the 'forgotten' hairy models from ATK Hairy, and there are so many. That's because such a huge number of new hairy babes keep coming up all the time, but that's good for us.

Anyway, this girl Anfisa is a cutie who has a nice cunt and a nice bush. She looks tight, and would you believe that she's a virgin? She from Russia, and asked about her favorite sexual position she actually can't say, so she answered that she is a virgin. If she's interested in trying out some cock, then I would like to offer the services of my dick, who could be hard and ready for this honey at almost any time.

Anfisa is 18 years old and first appeared back in scary hairy volume 413. There is a nice gallery of her that starts off with her outside in the snow but then finishes off with her inside spreading while she's still wearing her mink coat. And what a really nice hairy cunt this chick has. Oh yeah, she's a fucking little cutie for sure. Why have we never heard anything about her before?

Take a look at all of Anfisa's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Hairy Blonde Kaytee
Posted on Jan. 09/09

Kaytee has been a popular girl around ATK Hairy, and certainly looks fuckable in this hot lingerie set. Her works dates back to scary hairy volume 412, and these shots came from that set. She currently has 28 galleries and 38 movies available, as well as four lesbian sets at ATK Galleria. Besides that, she also appears in ATK's new DVDs where she appears in volume five called Hot'n Hairy. So she's done a large amount of excellent work so far. Kaytee is 21 years old and even though she shaves her pits a bit you can see that she still leaves something there. Her pussy looks tight too, and I'm sure anyone's dick would be very happy to slip up inside her. She likes dancing and riding horses, playing on the beach and stamp collecting. I wonder if she likes to fuck in the sand? She'd love to be bent over a dishwasher, and says that she likes it best when on top with a cowgirl hat. If you spent an afternoon with this chick then you'd have to go shopping, wouldn't you? Does anyone sell cowboy hats here? We're in a hurry and we've got to get home! You can see all of Kaytee's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hottie Natasha
Posted on Jan. 06/09

Today we have another hairy hottie from the scary hairy secton, this girl's name is Natasha. Her work dates back to scary hairy volume 412, and she currently has 10 galleries and 10 movies available.

I remember when this Natasha's first gallery came out. What an excellent set and what a hot chick this is. She strips out of that short skirt and it turn out her shirt is part of some skimpy body suit. She gets that off too and gets down on the floor and spreads her juicy hairy cunt perfectly. She's looking extremely hot, and we should fuck.

Did you notice that she has a discreet tattoo above her ass that makes her looks very sexy? Natasha is 20 years old and likes fast cars and collecting phone cards.

Natasha has a 37" bust and says she likes it doggy. Check out her work and see if you can decide which position you'd rather fuck her in. I'd do her however she wants.

She's from Poland and works in sales. I bet she does pretty good, especially when selling to older men. Who could resist such a fucking cutie like this?

You can see all of Natasha's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Bikini Babe
Posted on Jan. 03/09

This sweet hairy bikini babe Lenka looks very hot in this one. She's got a nice ass and I like how the string holding the bottom of her bikini disappears right between her ass cheeks. She looks very sexy in that first shot.

Lenka is an awesome chick. Check out the snapper on this one in the third picture. I also love how her cunt lips are hanging down in the last shot. This girl is very fuckable, and she's done some really nice work.

She currently has five galleries and 10 movies available. She also appears in ATK's new DVDs, and she's in volume 12 which is called Hairway to Heaven.

These shots are from Lenka's oldest gallery which appears in scary hairy volume 411. I only had to go through a fraction of this gallery before I enough good shots for this post.

Lenka is 23 years old and is from the Czech Republic. She likes rock music and likes it cowgirl. After seeing her excellent work, and all those excellent shots of her nice hairy snapper, I'd definitely let her ride it if she wants. Any way you could possibly fuck this sweetheart would be good.

You can see all of Lenka's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Favorite Yulia
Posted on Dec. 31/08

Yulia is a sweet looking hairy girl who looks a bit top-heavy, and she's got alot of fans. She first appeared in the scary hairy section way back in volume 411, and currently has 12 galleries and 15 movies.

She's been voted 4.12 out of 5, which is a pretty decent score. She's got some really excellent galleries out there.

Yulia is 20 years old and has a nice 36" bust. She's a student who likes porn movies. She's from the Ukraine and says her favorite position is 69.

You can see all of Yulia's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Czech Plumper
Posted on Dec. 28/08

This chick Juliet is a bit plump but she's a good spreader and she has a nice wide bush. These shots are from her second set, and this was a gallery full of spreadshots. If you like this hairy girl then you'll love all those perfect shots of her spreading her hairy pussy from just about every angle imagineable.

Juliet first appeared in scary hairy volume 409 and currently has 10 galleries available. She's 22 years old and is only 5'2, so she'd hardly have to bend over much to suck your cock.

She's a student who says she is turned on by romantic dinners. She loves buying new clothes and is also very interested in having sex in some public places.

You can see all of Juliet at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen Christmas Babe
Posted on Dec. 25/08

Merry Christmas everyone! Today we present this hairy teen named Lisa. She's in the Christmas mood and today she's going to give herself to you, just for your pleasure. You can use and abuse her all you want to, how's that sound?

You could have her lick your bag all day if you want, or have her crawl around on all fours naked all day, you could put a leash on her and fuck her doggy style, tie her up, have her clean up or whatever. The possibilities here are almost endless.

If she wanted to give herself to me for the day, that would be perfectly fine. I'd gladly take that for a Christmas present. I'd love to pound her tight hairy pussy for her and play with her tits and stuff, why not? She's got a nice set there. Then she could suck it hard again after I squirt in her and then repeat that process over and over. What a little slut. She's ready for it. Oh, and she better be a good cook too.

Lisa is 19 years old and never did have much info in her bio. But you can tell from her galleries that she looks pretty horny.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy.

Cute Russian Teen
Posted on Dec. 22/08

Here's a cute Russian teen with a nice hairy cunt. She's a sweet girl who has anice bush and pointy tits. This one looks pretty ripe.

Polina first appears back in scary hairy volume 407, and currently has nine nice galleries available. She has an overall rating of 4.30 out of 5 which was given to her by the members of Natural & Hairy, and there are a few good reasons for her good score.

Polina is a cutie who would be alot of fun to play with. When she spreads her snatch you can see her very nice pussy lips which makes her look extremely fuckable in many of her shots. She also has a hairy ass as well, so I'd say she deserves that score.

Today's hairy babe Polina is 18 years old and is from Russia. She's looking for a man who is kind, gentle, has blue eyes and has money. So there you go... money talks, doesn't it? I wonder if she'd take a one-time payment of some amount just so you can fuck? It's been done before.

But if you're the type who wants to romance her first and have to work for that pussy, she likes candles, chocolate, wine and lots of kissing.

You can see all of Polina's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen Vicky
Posted on Dec. 19/08

Here's another hairy blonde the scary hairy section, this is Vicky. She's 18 years old and she's a Russian student who really want to have sex with another girl.

Vicky has a light-colored bush, which you'd expect from a blonde anyway, and she loves to spread her legs. Her slit is easily seen through her forest, and there are plenty of excellent shots of her spreading her hairy snatch available in her eleven very nice sets.

She's a student who likes energizing music. When she's not studying or spreading for the camera, Vicky likes to go dancing or play with her playstation.

There is a full bio available on Vicky as there are with most of the girls at ATK Hairy. She's only 5'2, so she's a nice little chick. Vicky doesn't have any preference as far as a favorite sexual position goes, so she's pretty much open to ideas. And as long as she's 'open' like she is in most of her nice spreadshots, then that wouldn't be a problem.

You can see all of Vicky's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Teen Avery
Posted on Dec. 16/08

Here's a sweet hairy teen called Avery. She first appears in the scary hairy section back in volume 406 and currently has eleven nice galleries and 17 movies available.

Avery is 19 years old and has a nice ass and pointy tits. That's also besides her nice hairy pussy too, which goes without saying.

I enjoyed checking out all her nice galleries. This hairy teen sweety gets into all kinds of strange positions. She likes to bend over backwards and stick out her cunt. I'd love to be there to stick my dick up her whenever she does that.

You can see all of Avery's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Sexy Hairy Angelica
Posted on Dec. 13/08

Angelica is a hot hairy babe from the Ukraine. She's got a pretty nice build on her and her hairy pussy combined with her hairy pits makes her look like a very sexy girl.

She first appeared back in volume 406 of scary hairy, and has 20 very nice galleries available, many of which have been marked as "hot" by the members of the site.

Oh yes, she also has 11 movies too, and some of those ones look pretty hot. I get the feeling that I'd love to lick this chick. There are over 2,200 images of her spreading that nice hairy cunt of her's, and after seeing all that, who wouldn't want to lick her off?

Angelica says she really likes it doggy style and is looking for a handsome man with a touch of mystery. For the right guy she'd like to do it in a jacuzzi with alot of candles around. Sounds like a fun time!

You can see all of Angelica's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Shy Hairy Czech Babe
Posted on Dec. 10/08

This hairy Czech babe Nefer seems to be one of the many overlooked girls around Natural & Hairy. I'd classify many of the girls as being overlooked actually, because people have their favorites and tend to forget about many of the rest even though there are such a huge number of awesome babes there. And they all spread wide, and most of them are highly fuckable in my opinion.

Right now Nefer has 10 very nice galleries available and nine movies. The earlier ones of her masturbating are awesome. She also has four action scenes at ATK Galleria, and that's where you can go to see many of your hairy favorites in their hardcore sets and movies.

Overall, Nefer is a very nice dish. Why is that knife in the picture? That's so dumb, but she sure does have a nice cunt. She's also got a nice, shapely ass. I like it.

Nefer is 22 years old and is a graphic designer. She likes it missionary the best, and says she's into latex. So what does that mean? You might think well, that's just condoms, but maybe she's into some really kinky shit?

You can see all of Nefer's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Czech Girl Tanya
Posted on Dec. 07/08

Tanya first started showing us her hairy pussy back in volume 404 of scary hairy. She did a bunch of galleries while posing outside, and currently has 11 sets now and 18 movies.

This chick is not bad at all. She's a decent spreader and I'd love to come across this hairy cutie while she's outside naked.

Tanya is 23 years old and loves to squeeze her tits together while posing. She doesn't have much there really, but it makes her look that much more horny. I've always wondered what that red thing is between her tits in this third picture.

This hairy girl is a decent spreader and she's pretty cute, too.

You can see all of Tanya's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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