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Hairy Spreader Diamond
Posted on July 20/08

Diamond first appears in scary hairy volume 358 but these shots are actually from her second gallery which was in the hairy fun section. She's putting her dildo to good use in this one. And in case you're wondering, yes, she can take that whole thing up her hairy cunt no problem.

This hairy cutie is an excellent spreader and also has a hairy ass. She's 23 years old and is from England.

Diamond has 10 excellent galleries available, and I liked them all. She did a few different ones where she's posing on a bed, and she also did a cheerleaer set, a schoolgirl set and one where she starts off dressed as a police woman. I think either the hairy policewoman set or the one of her in her blue lingerie and long blue stockings are probably her most memorable galleries. What awesome stuff!

She lists her occupation as an adult entertainer. So what does that mean? Is she really a stripper? Does she give lap dances in dark places? Who knows?

Diamond likes men with muscles and nice eyes, and says her favorite position is missionary.

You can see all of Diamond's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Babe Sophia
Posted on July 18/08

We haven't really covered the same girl more than once here yet, and when we do it's a pretty rare thing. There are still so many awesome hairy babes in the scary hairy section that we haven't even mentioned yet. But I came across this another excellent gallery of Sophia while I was looking for our next victims, and had to share this one.

Sophia is a nice little spreader who has a thick, hairy cunt, a hairy ass, a treasure trail, hairy pits... the works!

She has 30 excellent galleries available which is over 2,200 pictures and then there are 46 movies. She's done alot of work spreading her hairy pussy for ATK, and it was all excellent stuff.

Sophia currently has a rating of 4.60 out of a possible 5 which was given to her by the members of Natural & Hairy.

She's 23 years old and is a cook in a restaurant. She likes to get on top and would be really interested in having some group sex.

You can see all of Sophia's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Scary Hairy Favorite Riotella
Posted on July 16/08

Riotella is a major hairy cutie who currently has 20 excellent galleries totalling almost 4,000 pictures. She's an excellent spreader and is a hairy favorite to many fellow hairy pussy lovers.

There are many excellent spreadshots of this hairy babe available, and I also like the way she sticks her ass way up nice in alot of the shots of her from behind.

Riotella has also done 17 movies so far for ATKingdom. She's been voted a score of 4.62 by the members of Natural & Hairy, which is an excellent score.

This is an awesome babe, and she's from England. She works as a waitress, model and artist, and says she likes men in uniform.

You can see all of Riotella's very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Scary Hairy Cutie Anastasiya
Posted on July 14/08

The scary hairy section has been awesome so far, and we've already seen alot of highly fuckable, very hairy babes. We're up to volume 357 now, but at Natural & Hairy they are currently working in volume 568. I think the scary hairy section gets even better than we've already seen to this point, but I know which awesome babes are coming up soon, so that's a tough call really. You guys be the judge.

Today's scary hairy model is Anastasiya. She's a little cutie who first appeared back in scary hairy volume 357. She has nice blue eyes, a great smile, nice teeth, and a nice ass. I like everything about her that I've seen so far. She also has a nice cunt that she loves to spread.

These are from her earliest set, but she has 11 excellent galleries in total and they were getting better and better all along.

Anastasiya is 22 years old and is a student from Russia. She lists her hobbies as sex. Sounds like she'd be alot of fun to hang-out with.

You can see all of Anastasiya's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

ATK Hairy Babe Zoya
Posted on July 12/08

Zoya has been a fairly busy girl around ATK. She currently has 10 nice galleries and 17 movies at Natural and Hairy, and another 16 galleries at ATK Galleria which includes some hardcore stuff.

These from her first set. She's a cutie and has a nice blonde muff. I like that second shot that shows her hairy cunt from behind. I'd love to run my hand along her wet slit from behind, and as a prelude to my dick eventually going in her wet hole. That would be awesome.

Zoya is 27 years old and is 5'7. She's from St. Petersburg, Russia, and says she wants to be an actress.

You can see all of Zoya's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Average Hairy Girl Alex
Posted on July 10/08

This chick Alex is an average-looking girl and she's a bit flat, but she's got a hairy cunt and a nice smile. She first appeared in scary hairy back in volume 356 and these shots are from her very first gallery.

Alex went on to make ten pretty nice sets. Some of them appear in the scary hairy section and some of her work also appears in the young and hairy section as well.

She's 23 years old and is a lifeguard. She says she likes guys with strong arms, and dirty talking, which happens to be one of my specialties. Alex says her favorite position is 69, and I wouldn't mind doing that with her.

Average girls tend to spread wider and suck better too. She says she'd like to be tied up and I could really get into helping her out with that one.

You can see all of Alex's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Outdoor Spreader
Posted on July 08/08

Marina already had a few galleries available at ATKingdom when this excellent gallery came out in scary hairy volume 355. That whole volume was excellent, btw. There are a bunch of especially nice galleries in that one.

This hairy babe has 13 galleries available in total now at Natural & Hairy, some of which are lesbian sets. There are a couple of her out in a field, and I especially like that kind of setting. I remember when this gallery first came out. I saved a few of these ones for sure.

She also has some new work at ATK Premium, and again that's some lesbian stuff. Marina only had one gallery that appeared in the scary hairy section and although it is a nice gallery, it kind of looks a bit artsy to me... but I like this one of her out in the field much better!

I kind of get the impression that this chick is also known on some ATK sites at Maria. I'll have to check on that.

Marina is 24 years old and is a housewife. A houswife with a bushy cunt who I'd love to fuck. She's from Russia and says she dreams of leaving.

You can see all of Marina's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Awesome Hairy Favorite Scarlett
Posted on July 06/08

It's not hard to tell why this awesome babe Scarlett has always been a hairy favorite amongst us hairy pussy lovers. This chick is highly fuckable and she's a quality spreader. She's got a very nice set of tits and a nice hairy cunt.

Scarlett first appeared back in scary hairy 354, and currently has 30 excellent galleries in the mature and hairy section. Oh, and btw, Scarlett also has a nice ass.

She's been voted a 4.64 out of a possible score of 5 by the members of Natural & Hairy. I have been studying the voting trend for quite some time now, and Scarlett would definitely have a higher score if she were still making more galleries. I've noticed that the current models seem to score a bit higher over the short-term, basically because those hairy girls are always right in front of you when you're surfing the site. Right in front of you I guess means that they appear on the daily updates page, which always shows all the new galleries and movies that have been added in the last two weeks.

Scarlett never did any movies and that is unfortunate. But she does have over 2,200 photos available. This chick is jerk-off material for sure!

She's 30 years old and is an artist. She likes her men to have intelligence, a dry sense of humor, nice arms & chest.

You can see all of Scarlett's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Housewife Donna
Posted on July 04/08

These shots of Donna are from her oldest set which appears in scary hairy 354. She did a nice job of showing off her hairy cunt in this one. And even though she looks a tad bit heavy than girls that I usually like, she still has a nice ass.

Donna currently has 10 galleries available, and has been rated 4.51 by the members at Natural & Hairy, which I find a bit surprising. She's nice yes, but that's a much higher score than I'd give her. There are way so many much hotter hairy babes available. But if Donna came along and asked me to bang her then of course I'd love to.

She also has 25 movies as well. I've seen most of them, and I remember really liking the one of her in the kitchen where she starts off doing some cleaning. And then she ends up down on the floor spreading really wide and rubbing her hairy cunt. Man, that was some pretty nice stuff!

If you search for similar models from the link on her model page, you get 23 results. I find this feature about Natural & Hairy to be very interesting at times. Sometimes it's so awesome so be able to find more hairy girls similar to the one you just found and really like, but sometimes it's hard to figure out how they came up with certain models. For example, I could probably come up with that many girls who are similar to Donna just off the top of my head, and then of course there are always more that you didn't think of. I still have not quite mastered the technique of understanding this completely. I guess it basically all comes down to which attributes they typed into the search engine. But I still swear by their search engine, it's totally cool!

Donna is 23 years old and has a big set of knockers on her. She's a very decent spreader and likes any Italian food. She's looking for a guy who has a good sense of humor, and says she likes to get on top.

I really like her sexual fantasy, her's is one of the coolest ideas I have heard so far.

You can see all of Donna's very nice work and her full bio at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Pits and Massive Tits
Posted on July 02/08

Yes, that's right! Vicky has hairy pits, massive tits and a massive bush too. She was first added to the scary hairy section back in volume 354, and currently has 30 nice galleries available. That's over 3,000 very nice pictures of her spreading her hairy cunt.

If you were spending some quality time with Vicky, you'd have to be careful she doesn't smother you with those major hooters. But what a way to go, eh?

Vicky has hairy legs as well. And that bush sure uses up alot of space, doesn't it? I think it's really nice that she's not very shy about spreading her legs for the camera. But that really goes for all the ATKingdom models.

She has 20 movies available as well, and I liked the movie series of her using her orange dildo as well as the series of her by the stairs.

I remember there was also a matching photoset to go with that one too, and that may have been when she became so popular.

Vicky is 23 years old and is a babysitter. She's from South Jersey and says her favorite sexual position is eskimo anal. I think it would be pretty cool to hang around with this chick for a while!

You can see all of Vicky's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Awesome Hairy Spreader Louise
Posted on June 30/08

I remember when this excellent gallery of Louise first came out. This is the oldest of her 10 excellent sets. In total, there are over 2,000 images of Louise spreading her nice hairy cunt. Louise has thick pussy lips and she's an awesome spreader.

This was an awesome and a huge gallery, and I had a really tough time trying to narrow this one down to only four pics. And I must say that after seeing this one, it would be enough to make you want to take up tennis!

Louise also has five nice sets at ATK Galleria. She looks slimmer in those sets, but what a nice dish.

She's 23 years old and loves being kissed on the neck. She's into breeding cats and says she likes it doggy. She's got such a nice-looking hairy cunt that I would gladly screw her in any position she wants.

You can see all of Louise's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Veronika
Posted on June 28/08

This nice redhead Veronika is such a little cutie. She's got small titties and a tight ass. That hairy pussy of her's looks pretty nice too.

Veronika's work dates back to scary hairy volume 351, and she currently has 13 nice galleries avaialable now. She started out as a blonde, and it's only now that she's a redhead. But I think she looks pretty sweet with red hair.

Veronika also has 37 movies available as well. They're all good, but I liked the ones of her in pigtails where she's masturbating and using her blue dildo.

This nice little chick is only 19 years old. She's a student from St. Petersburg, Russia, and wants to have sex in the back seat of a car. She'd be a perfect date!

You can see all of Veronika's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Blonde Natalia
Posted on June 26/08

This hairy blonde Natalia is only 19 years old and she's slim and nice. I've noticed that a large number of the hairy girls that I really like seem to be a bit flat. Natalia is a bit on the flat side herself, but I like her overall look. She's cute for one, she has a hairy cunt that looks tight and nice, and she's got long, slim legs that don't seem to have any extra fat on them. That's another thing that I really love too... slim thighs and a hairy cunt!

Natalia's first gallery appeared back in scary hairy volume 350. There are currently 10 nice galleries of her available now.

There's not much info about her in her bio, but I'm going to take an educated guess and say that Natalia is a Russian girl. This photographer, Igor D., often does photosets of Russian girls anyway, so assuming that Natalia is a Russian babe too is probably a safe bet.

In this gallery she starts off by checking out her cunt with a mirror while she's sitting on a stool. She doesn't waste much time about spreader her hairy cunt though, and she looks extremely fuckable when she leans back against the wall and spreads her hairy twat.

You can see all of Natalia's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Scary Hairy Michelle
Posted on June 24/08

Michelle's oldest gallery now appears in scary hairy volume 350. She currently has eleven very good galleries avaiable, and she's a very nice spreader. And besides that, her pussy looks tight.

She's listed as a redhead, which I didn't really know until I checked out her bio. She's 20 years old and is a cute little chick. She's only 5'5 and didn't list her weight for some reason. But she's cute, and I'd do her no problem.

Michelle is from Poland, and works as a shop assistant. She says her ideal man would be a handsome brunette. She listed her turn-ons as sunny weather. So does that mean every time it's sunny out then she'd be ready to fuck? That's my kind of girl!

She likes to get on top, which wouldn't be a problem for me, and she likes the mountains. She says she'd like to try having sex with two or more men, but if I was fucking this chick regularly then I probably wouldn't really want to share her.

Michelle looks pretty hot in lingerie, and I couldn't help but notice that she wears nylons or stockings in almost all her galleries.

You can see all of Michelle's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Excellent Hairy Teen Spreader
Posted on June 22/08

This hairy girl Kelly is 18 years old, she has a nice hairy cunt and she's an excellent spreader. Her oldest gallery appears in scary hairy volume 347, and there are currently seven very nice galleries of her available.

She's only 5'2" tall and weighs 115 pounds. She's listed at Natural and Hairy as having large tits. You can't really see her tits very good in any of these shots because I was focusing more on showing her cunt in the limited space that I have. If you want to find all the girls with hairy cunts and big tits, you can just use Natural & Hairy's totally cool search engine and find them all in seconds.

Kelly says she is a model and likes being licked. I remember the first time I saw her I thought her eyes looked a bit strange somehow, but her hole and bush combination look great, and I sure wouldn't mind licking her right off!

She enjoys swimming and clubbing, and likes it doggy. She also says she'd like to sleep with another girl.

You can see all of Kelly's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Nice Hairy Cunt
Posted on June 20/08

This hairy babe Roxanne has an awesome hairy cunt and she's an excellent spreader. Her pussy looks awesome in almost all of her shots. She first appears in scary hairy volume 348, and currently has 15 excellent galleries including some lesbian ones. There are over 2,000 images of Roxanne in total.

She also has 39 movies as well. She can work that dildo pretty good. It really hits you just how awesome a dildo can look while going into a hairy cunt when you see this hairy sweetheart at work! I would love to spend some quality time with this girl.

Roxanne is 26 years old and is slim and nice. She's one of the very many awesome hairy brunette spreaders who want to make you cum!

You can see all of Roxanne's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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