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Hairy Favorite Timea
Posted on May 06/08

Timea is a totally, super-sweet hairy babe, and has been on everyone's hairy favorites list for quite some time. There is a rating system where the members at Natural & Hairy rate each of the models or any they chose to, and Timea was at the top spot out of all their models for quite some time. What an awesome babe. Even today, she has an average of 4.71, which is huge considering that most people tend to vote more on the newer models.

Her oldest set appears in scary hairy volume 327, and she currently has 20 excellent galleries and 2,359 images. She does alot of spreading, and there's enough content there just of Timea to make an entire website.

These shots are from her oldest set, which kind of looks like a foot fetish gallery but it has aot of nice cunt shots in it too. All her galleries have anyway.

Timea also has 41 movies available. Sometimes she wears glasses in her movies but not often. She looks pretty hot with them on too. And why wouldn't she? She's got a nice bush and a very nice shape to her as well. Everyone I know wants to fuck this chick.

She appears in Natural & Hairy's new DVDs, and Timea is in volume 2 where she appears with a bunch ot other hairy hotties from ATKingdom.

Timea is 23 years old and is from Hungary. She likes men who are tall, and says that she wants to make love by the ocean. She also wants to have a family one day. Timea says she works as a message therapist. I wonder if she provides any "extras" to her customers? If so, then her appointment book must be pretty full.

You can see all of Timea's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Megan's Thick Pussy Lips
Posted on May 05/08

I remember when this hairy cutie Megan first appeared back in scary hairy 326. What a total little sweetheart. She's an excellent spreader and has very thick, suckable pussy lips.

Megan has 20 excellent galleries now. She did her first series of ten sets and then came back as a brunette. She still has the super-nice cunt and her awesome pussy lips, but I kind of prefer her as a blonde. Either way she's still very cute.

This chick is only 18 years old and loves to get down on the floor and spread her legs. There are plenty of nice wide spreadshots of her in every gallery. This one chick alone can make any guy shoot his cum over and over. No problem.

Megan also has 21 movies available, and also has 10 nice galleries available at ATK Galleria.

She's from Florida and is a student. In her spare time she sings and dances, and when she has sex she likes to be on her back with her legs up in the air. That would suit me perfectly. I'd love to drive my dick deep up her nice hairy hole anytime.

You can see all of Megan's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie With Cum In Her Cunt
Posted on May 04/08

This is Veronica's oldest gallery which is available in scary hairy volume 325. She's a nice little spreader and it looks like she really gets off on spreading her legs for the camera. I noticed that in several of her galleries it looks like she has some cum in her cunt. She's an extremely horny little chick who would love to have your dick go right up her hairy twat.

Veronica currently has 15 galleries, and her sets seemed to get better and better after this one. I like these hairy housewife galleries, and even made a website devoted almost exclusively to this subject.

I also couldn't help but notice that Veronica has a thin coating of very fine light blonde hair on several parts of her body. She's got a membership rating at Natural & Hairy of 4.55, which is an excellent score. I also clicked on the link for similar models from her page and got 71 results, and there are some very awesome hairy babes with the same attributes as our Veronica. I love that "similar models" tool at Natural & Hairy, and have used it countless times.

Veronica is 20 years old and is a student from Poland. She really likes being kissed on the neck and some light nibbling. She says that she's looking for a guy who adores her. Hmmm... I don't see that as being a problem at all. Any guy would definitely learn to adore her if he had access to this horny babe's tight hairy cunt. I know I would.

As far as sex goes, Veronica likes it missionary and says she wants to take a shower with three guys kissing her and feeling her all over.

You can see all of Veronica's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Girl Sorena
Posted on May 03/08

This hairy girl Sorena first appeared back in scary hairy volume 325. That was an awesome volume with lots of excellent hairy babes that I really like. I'm pretty sure we've already covered each of the girls who had galleries there.

Sorena is a cutie who has a nice hairy cunt, hairy arms and a skinny, pointy ass. There's definitely nothing in your way there, so you'd be able to slip it all the way in without a problem.

I really enjoyed this nice gallery of her posing out in a field, and the cheerleader pom-poms were a nice touch too. Her cunt looks pretty nice in that last shot, and notice the fine pussy hair she has on her snatch.

Sorena currently has eleven galleries available. She's got a member's rating of 4.11, which is a pretty decent score. Anyway, she's a cutie and looks very fuckable out there in that field.

I really enjoyed reading her bio, among other things Sorena seems to like older men. She likes a man who doesn't talk much and goes straight for sex. Yeah baby, that's my kind of girl!

Sorena is 21 years old and is a student from Slovakia. She's looking for a rich husband who will adore her, who will find his ideal woman in her. I seriously don't think she's going to have much of a problem finding a man who wants her, considering all the stuff she said that she believes in her bio. There should be more hairy women around who share her attitude.

You can see all of Sorena at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Blonde Jill
Posted on May 02/08

This hairy chick Jill is pretty nice. She's got a tight hairy pussy and hair between her ass cheeks. There are eleven nice galleries of her available, most of which appear in the scary hairy section. There are a few hairy fun galleries and also a lesbian scene of her with another hairy sweetheart, Miriam.

Jill also currently has 13 movies as well as four nice hardcore scenes at ATK Galleria where she gets her hairy pussy fucked big-time. ATK Galleria is where ATKingdom keeps all their hardcore stuff, and there is tons of that stuff there.

Jill is 22 years old and as you can see she's pretty slim and nice. She's a student from the Czech Republic and loves to have her breasts kissed. When you finally get to fuck her, she prefers to take it doggie-style.

You can see alot more of Jill at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hirsute Hottie Kitty
Posted on May 01/08

Kitty is a true hirsute hottie. She's got hairy legs, hairy pits, a hairy ass and a very nice hairy cunt. She's done alot of work for ATKingdom and currently has 20 excellent galleries available.

Kitty's work dates back to scary hairy volume 323, and I can say that there isn't a single gallery of her that I don't really like. Maybe the one of her with the pink hat on, she looks awesome as usual and spreads perfectly, but I just don't like the hat. That's the only one minor flaw that I have noticed in all her nice work.

I did a search for similar models from her page at ATK Natural & Hairy and got only nine results, which was pretty surprising. But the good news is that they're all babes. Sometimes it's hard to figure out how ATK comes up with the matches for all their models. What is there now, something like 3,000 hairy models and over one million pictures, and there's only nine similar hairy girls to Kitty? I guess everything has to match-up like weight, height, measurements and stuff. Even still, I've always found that "similar models" tool to be a very useful resource. I have used it countless times in my years there as a member.

Kitty also has 38 movies available as well. I have not actually seen all of her movies yet, but I certainly did see all the galleries. I also really enjoyed her bio.

She says something about wanting a fuck-buddy who is committed to working for sexual and societal liberation. That tells me that she loves to fuck. She also says that she likes being stroked all over with a sharp bristled hairbrush. And why not? She's got hair everywhere. The best part is that she loves it doggy, and likes it to go in all the way. How perfect is that?

You can see all of Kitty's very excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

ATK Hairy Tereza
Posted on Apr. 30/08

This chick Tereza is an awesome babe who looks like someone I know that I've always wanted to fuck. So I obviously like her for more than her hairy cunt. Tereza's work dates back to scary hairy volume 322, and she currently has eleven very nice galleries and 22 movies available.

There are also four action hardcore fucking scenes at ATK Galleria as well. I sure would love to be the guy fucking her in some of those scenes.

Some of her movies are from a lesbian scene with an almost look-alike hairy babe called Maria. There are also some pretty sweet dildo scenes too, and I'd love to be there to operate that thing for her just in case she gets tired. Oh yeah... I'd just gently slide that dildo deep in and out of her hairy twat a few times while I slowly rub her clit and then all of a sudden, oops... oh shit look, the dildo fell on the floor. Just like that. Good thing my dick is ready...he he he.

Tereza has a hairy ass crack and she's an excellent spreader. She's 22 years old and works as a shop assistant. I'd love to have her as my own personal assistant and would love to be in a situation where Tereza basically does almost anything I tell her. Man, that would be fun.

Tereza is from the Czech Republic and wants to get married one day. She also says in her bio that she wants to try having sex with a girl. Been there, done that... ATK already had her do some lesbian work, and that took care of that. So what's left for her to fantasize about now?

She says her favorite position is missionary, and that's cool. I'd love to jump on her anytime!

You can see all of Tereza's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Shy Hairy Girl Suzi
Posted on Apr. 29/08

This hairy girl Suzi seems to be a bit shy. She does end up spreading her hairy cunt but I just got that impression by the way she seemed to be keeping her hand over her cunt at first and by not spreading her cunt. Maybe it just took her a bit to get into it, but she ends up spreading her hairy slit, and that's what we need.

Suzi first came along to Natural & Hairy when they were working on scary hairy volume 321, which was many moons ago now. She currently has five galleries available as well as 28 movies.

There is a rating system in place at Natural & Hairy where the members can rate any model they choose to, and so far Suzi has a score of 4.38 out of a possible 5, which is a very decent score.

Suzi is 21 years old and likes happy people. She says one of her hobbies is making porn. Maybe I was wrong about my original interpretation of her then? Maybe she's not really shy at all? Who knows?

As far as describing her ideal man, she says there is no one ideal man, just the right person at the right time. I think that basically means you could talk her into sex almost any time.

You can see all of Suzi's work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Thick Furry Cunt
Posted on Apr. 28/08

This chick Melanie has a very thick bush and she's an excellent spreader. Those cunt lips look very inviting too. Melanie has a bunch of tattoos all over her and even though it might be a bit much for me, I'd still bang her hairy pussy gladly.

She has 10 excellent galleries available, and her oldest set dates back to scary hairy volume 321. Besides those nice sets, she also has 25 movies too.

Melanie is 20 years old and likes swimming pools and movie stars. She's into sewing and loves rock music. There is obviously a full bio available for Melanie too, and she says she wants to do it in a closed theme park. That would be so awesome.

You can see all of Melanie's thick furry pussy at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Babe Calyx
Posted on Apr. 27/08

I've always liked this redhead hairy cutie Calyx. She's an excellent spreader, and she reminds me of my ex-wife. There's a line for you, and I've used it successfully more than once. As soon as you meet a nice babe, just say, "Oh wow, you look alot like my ex, only you're much cuter". Emphasize the word much, of course. That tells her a few things right away... one, you think she's cute, two, that you're available, and you've already paid her a compliment. It's amazing what benefit you can get out of life by making just a one-line innocent comment when you meet someone. I'd love to meet this chick Calyx and tell her that. This time it would be true. I have the perfect spreadshot of her saved, and have told her that in my head on many occassions.

Ok, back to Calyx. This chick has long hairy pits, she has a few piercings and some tattoos here and there, but she's got a nice hairy pussy and a very tight-looking slit. She looks like she'd be alot of fun to hang out with.

Calyx currently has 20 excellent galleries and they all appear in the scary hairy section with the exception of one set that appears in the hairy fun section. That basically means that it's a dildo set.

I loved all of this babe's galleries. The one of her spreading her hairy cunt on a couch offered the most memorable spreadshots for me, and some of the shots from that set are in my personal favorites folder.

The gallery that today's pictures came from is an excellent set too. There's only so much that a girl can do while posing on the stairs, but man, I've seen some amazing shots of several girls on this same stairwell. This photographer does some awesome work there. And Calyx looks very hot in this set. It was a difficult task for me to cut today's selection down to only four pics.

Calyx is 25 years old and works as a seamstress. She's into heavy metal, and here's something interesting in her bio, too. When asked to describe her ideal man, she answered, everyone is ideal, it just depends on the moment of meeting. See? That goes back to what I was saying about that one-line comment.

Calyx is one of several very fuckable redheads to be found at Natural & Hairy. They have totally converted me into a redhead lover, but of course there is an amazing selection of every type of girl you want there.

You can see all of Calyx's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Hippy Lucy
Posted on Apr. 26/08

This hairy teen hippy chick Lucy is 19 years old and currently has 10 excellent galleries available. She did a very nice job of spreading her hairy pussy for us in her debut gallery of her as a housewife. I like her bush, it looks like it would be great to scratch your face with while you're licking her hole. Got an itch? Why use your hand? Just use her bush, that'll do fine.

Lucy's sets got better and better after her debut gallery, and she ended up with a very nice selection of awesome galleries.

She's into hip hop and reggae. She lists her occupation as part time student, full time bohimian. Something interesting that I saw in her bio was that she says one of her hobbies are crushing cities with urban art. So what does that mean? Is she a graffiti artist? Or is she telling us that she likes to visit cities with nice art? Maybe both. But I know one thing, if she goes to some city and started flashing her hairy pussy around then she'd certainly be welcome anytime!

Lucy did a great job during her short career with ATKingdom, and now she has plans for her life. She says, ideally, I'd like to tour the world with my crew of artists, actresses, musicians, producers & make art & have time to do all of our political & activist plans. This girl might be a handful. But we could certainly fuck.

You can see all of Lucy's excellent work and check out the rest of her interesting bio at ATK Natural & Hairy.

ATK Hairy Raven
Posted on Apr. 25/08

These shots are from Raven's oldest gallery in scary hairy 320. Her sets just got better and better, and by the time ATK was adding her sets to volumes 325 and up, her sets were pretty excellent. I remember for a while that alot of people were liking this chick.

Raven currently has eleven galleries now. She's 19 years old and is a student from Ostrava, somewhere I guess in Eastern Europe. Man, you gotta' love those hairy european girls, eh? There's just so many of them, especially at Natural & Hairy.

This chick has a decent bush and a massive set of tits. I chose that last shot of her on the floor because in that one you can easily tell just how friggin' huge those melons of her's are.

Raven likes erotic movies, reading books and going to concerts. She's into gothic metal and thinks Marilyn Manson is the best!

You can see all of Raven's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Awesome Hairy Babe Nicole
Posted on Apr. 24/08

This chick Nicole is an awesome hairy babe. She's highly fuckable and she's an excellent spreader. There were several excellent shots in this set and it made it a bit hard to cut this one down to only four shots. I love the shot here of her pussy from behind. There were a couple similar ones to chose from. The spreadshots were plentiful too, but I'm trying my best here to offer as many different views in as little space as possible. What a very nice set.

Speaking of sets, Nicole has 10 very excellent galleries available. She's done some really nice work. Man, is she an awesome spreader. Her oldest gallery dates back to scary hairy volume 318.

Nicole is 26 years old and has a nice hairy pussy. She's a student and a beautician from Glasgow. There is a full bio available on Nicole too, and she lists her favorite sexual position as doggy. If you were to take a look at all or even some of her excellent shots of her pussy from behind, you'd gladly offer your cock to this babe any time. I liked the picture here of her from behind because you can see her hair hanging down over her back, and there was just something about that shot that I found really sexy. Maybe it was just the view of her cunt, who knows?

I really enjoyed all of Nicole's galleries so far, and this is one of several very sweet hairy babes that I would love to see more of.

You can see all of Nicole's excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

The Other Hairy Mariam
Posted on Apr. 23/08

When you hear the term "hairy Mariam", you probably think right away about the Aremenia beauty who's been so popular around ATK for years now, right? Today's scary hairy model is also named Mariam. She seems to be one of the several forgotten-about hairy girls, because I never hear anything about her anymore.

Mariam has a nice hairy cunt, hairy pits and hairy legs, and she's also an excellent spreader. She was pretty popular there for a while, but ATKingdom keeps adding so many new galleries every single day, that I guess it's just so easy to forget about anyone after a while.

Mariam has five excellent galleries including this one of her in the boat, and eight nice movies. Her oldest set dates back to scary hairy volume 318. Man, that whole volume was awesome! Still is.

She's 21 years old and lists her occupation as a traveler and writer. She also lists her turn-ons as incredible conversation and beautiful lips. She enjoys singing and writing, and did a nice job of spreading her legs for us ATK fans.

You can see all of Mariam's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Cutie Kaya
Posted on Apr. 22/08

I loved this gallery of Kaya. This cute hairy redhead looks so hot in that combination of stockings and that short skirt. I didn't really have any room to include any shots of her in those stockings, but she does look very hot there for sure. This is just the kind of hairy cutie that you'd love to have hanging around.

Kaya currently has nine galleries in total, and that's including seven that are in the scary hairy section as well as two that appear in young and hairy. Kaya also has a watersports gallery at ATK Galleria. That's an awesome site too and its where ATK generally puts all their hardcore stuff.

This nice hairy babe is 22 years old and is from Slovenia. She says her favorite position is spoon, and that she wants to have sex in a cave. If you were going to let her hang around anyway, why not visit some caves one day and while you're there just drive your dick right up her tight hairy twat? She'd love you for it.

There are some nice shots here of her pussy from a few angles. I love how she is pulling her panties up into her slit, and then her pussy looks very tight in that nice shot of her from behind. This is one sweet hairy lady. I'd love to do this one anytime.

You can see all of Kaya's very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Babe Daisy
Posted on Apr. 21/08

Daisy is 22 years old and currently has five galleries in the scary hairy section of Natural & Hairy. She's got a decent set of tits on her, and I'm thinking that would be a nice handful to play with while she's on top taking your dick deep up her hairy twat.

There never was much info in her bio other than obvious stuff, but this chick looks like she'd be very playful. When I first saw this photoset I thought that the lines on the bedspread were part of her vibrator. I was wrong, but that really wouldn't have surprised me.

Daisy loves to spread her pussy from behind. I also get the impression that Daisy swallows.

You can see all of Daisy's nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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