Hairy Girl Addison


Addison has been a popular hairy girl since her arrival to ATK Hairy. It might have something to do with her hairy ass or her trail. It looks like she sometimes shaves just above her bush. Either she’s trying to hide the thing or she’s hoping it will grow back thicker, that we don’t know for sure.

But her hairy pussy looks good too, of course. She’s a decent spreader, and she’s done some really nice work for ATK. Right now she’s got 30 photo galleries and nine full-length movies available. Her oldest gallery in scary hairy dates way back to volume 513. Right now, they are working on something like volume 767, so we still have a long way to go before we catch up.

By the time Addison first made it to scary hairy, that was her 10th set. Before that she had some in the hairy fun section, which basically means they were mostly dildo sets. Her first scary hairy set was even a dildo set too, but there weren’t enough good pics from that one where she didn’t have a dildo at least part way up her hairy twat. So I chose this set instead, which happens to be excellent.

Addison is 24 years old and has a big set of tits on her. I really like this gallery. Now that she’s all nice and clean, this would be a good time to lay her down on a bed and suck her hairy cunt.

She’s from New Jersey and says she likes it doggie style. She likes rollerskating, watching sports and volunteering. Oh yeah? I just happen to need a hairy girl right now to ride my cock. Who’d like to volunteer for that, huh Addison?

You can see lots more of Addison at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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