Hairy Tight Chubby Irina


Next up is Irina, who first appears in scary hairy volume 480. She’s not really chubby I guess, but she does look wholesome, doesn’t she? And she’s also got a tight-looking hairy cunt as well.

She’s not one of ATK’s most popular hairy girls but we could still fuck. The similar models link from her page takes you to a listing of some other girls at ATK that I don’t even know. One I’ve seen before, the others I haven’t. And I’ve been a member of ATK Hairy for over 5 years too, and still haven’t seen everything.

I keep telling people how huge ATK Hairy is, and its true. You’ve got to experience it for yourself and then it’ll really hit you. But don’t get stressed out, because there’s no possible way to see everything in only one month. Go for the three month option when you join… and then you still won’t see everything either, but some of the stress factor will be gone and you will feel like you can take more time to really explore the site.

So back to Irina here… I liked the gallery of her in the skirt and the blue sweater. She’s looking pretty sweet in that one too.

Irina is 21 years old and is from some place in Russia that I can’t even pronounce. She’s a student and when she fucks she loves to get on top.

You can see more of Irina at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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