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This nice dish Ava from scary hairy 331 is very sweet. She looks like a classy lady and she’s an excellent spreader. This girl looks highly fuckable when she’s spreading her legs wide.

We’ve seen alot of very fuckable hairy redheads already, and there are still more to come. I bet some of you never even knew that so many hot hairy redhead babes even existed! We’ve seen a very nice selection of scary hairy models so far, and there are still alot of super-hot hairy babes to cover yet. But even with the nice assortment of hairy girls that we’ve seen here so far, I’d have to say that so far the brunettes rule! Doesn’t matter really, does it? Because almost every girl so far has been pretty hot. ATK Natural & Hairy is absolutely the best for hairy pussy.

Today’s pictures are from a nice set of Ava. At the beginning of the set you see her with her legs together there and she’s just getting her panties off over her heels. And you can see already that she’s got a hairy cunt. And then when you see her finally spread her legs, holy shit! Is that an amazing view or what? This chick is totally fuckable.

There are currently 10 excellent sets of Ava available. I did a search for similar models from her page and got back 48 results.

Ava is 24 years old and is a student. She says that she likes it doggy style or at least bent over, and also says that she’d love to have a man and a woman licking her all over.

You can see all of Ava’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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