ATK Angela


Angela is an average spreader with eleven galleries available. A couple of those are in the hairy fun section, where she plays with her trusty dildo.

She’s got a hairy pussy as you can tell, and also has hairy legs and a hairy ass. You can’t see any of her ass in these sample shots, but there are closeups of her hairy ass in the full gallery and it actually looks a bit surprising. You wouldn’t really think that she has such a hairy ass judging from these pics.

Angela is 26 years old, and is an event organizer. She should arrange an event where me and her get a hotel room and fuck for a night. I’ll bring some viagra, all she has to bring is her hairy cunt, and then I guess room service will bring us whatever else we need!

There is a full bio available for Angela too, and among other things, she says that she likes to get on top. Not a problem… besides being sleazy and easy to please, I’m also easy to get along with too.

Angela’s face kind of reminds me of another hairy favorite model that we’ve all heard of, don’t you think that she sort of looks a bit like Katerina? This Angela chick also happens to look pretty fuckable in some of her sets too.

You can see all of Angela’s nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

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