Danka’s Hairy Ass


Danka has a nice hairy pussy and a hairy ass too. I think this chick is more well-known for her hairy ass though. She’s got 10 really nice sets, and those all have good spreadshots in them. Some of the sets do seem to focus a bit more on her ass rather than her pussy. But whatever you’re looking for, front or back, Danka provides us with some excellent views.

She also has eight movies available. In one of them she gets a razor out and trims along the sides of her bush. Holy shit, I was getting worried there for a sec. But she just lathers up her bush and for sure only trims the loose hairs from the top of her legs, leaving the bush otherwise intact. Fucking scary to see that, I’m telling you.

Danka is 29 years old and loves to masturbate. So she’s basically not much different than the rest of us then! She’s from the Czech Republic and says her favorite position is 69. I’d love to suck and tease her clit while I get a blowjob. I have no problem with that at all.

You can see all of Danka’s excellent work and more of her hairy ass at ATK Natural & Hairy.  😀

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