Hirsute Katerina


Katerina is a must for any scary hairy site. Hey, this is the only scary hairy specialty free site that I know of anyway, but yeah, I’d say she’s a must for this site.

Scary Hairy Pussy has been online for a few years now, so some of you might remember that we had a decent gallery of hairy Katerina spreading her pussy. She’s got hairy legs as well, and sometimes she likes to show off her hairy ass. Sometimes, but not often enough!

Katerina is 22 years old and is from St. Petersburg, Russia. She’s done alot of work for ATK during her career, and she’s an old-school hairy favorite among thousands of hairy pussy lovers.

Check out this gallery of Katerina. This one is not new by any means, but the set itself was excellent. I still love this chick and would really love to see more new work from her.

Pictures courtesy of ATK Natural & Hairy. 😀

  1. nicolas, 08 December, 2007

    i love hairy katerina

  2. cumshooter69, 12 December, 2007

    Katerina Rocks. I hope she does alot more sets.

  3. Putxo, 15 December, 2007

    She´s most beatiful

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