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Cute Hairy Blonde

September 13, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

Volume 624 is where Jerry first came along. I’ve always personally enjoyed checking out her galleries. This is a very cute babe and her pussy looks amazing.

She’s a sweet hairy blonde Czech babe with a tight looking slit, and she currently has 14 photo galleries, all marked as hot of course, and that number includes some hardcore scenes too.

You’ll really wish you were the one fucking her tight hairy hole. She has 6 movies available too.

Jerry is 19 years old and is a student. When she filled out her bio she mentioned something about having a boyfriend. Damn. That sucks. I really want to put my dick in her.

Some of the comments on her work include: I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her again.

Can’t even begin to describe how cute and sexy she is. Wish we could have more of her again.

Jerry is tied with Nina (nin011tob) as my fave ATK model.

Her tongue piercing is hot and she sticks it out. Hot!

You can see all of Jerry’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Tight Hairy Gash

August 09, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

Honey first came along in scary hairy volume 623, and this was an excellent volume. This chick is cute, she has a nice set of boobs, a thick unmessy bush and a tight looking slit.

Right now she has 20 galleries, all marked as hot by the members of ATK Hairy. I would really love to fuck this girl. I just get the impression she likes it really deep.

Honey is 21 years old and is a bar maid. she likes big hands and hairy chests. Sometimes she fantasizes about having a horny rump in a public loo. Ahh… so she’s an English girl then? Yes, her bio confirms that. We should fuck.

She’s got some very good comments so far…  Absolutely stunning , my favorite… Lovely body and I love her white skin. Another beautiful ATK model… Beautiful girl. Please more… the reason I subscribed… It is pretty much agreed this is a hot babe.

You can see all of Honey’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hairy Redhead Lucy

August 02, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

This is Lucy, who first came along in scary hairy volume 622. She’s got 5 galleries and 3 movies available.

I was kind of wondering how she could make it into the scary hairy section anyway, but her bush is only thin at the top but thick enough new her hole. And the more I saw of her the more I thought how I’d like to bang her.

She’s 22 years old and spends alot of her time masturbating. She’d like to live in a happier world where people don’t have so many hang-ups about sex, drugs, etc.

She says she likes it missionary style and she kind of has a nice ass.

A few of her videos had messed up sound. Repeating audio parts over and over and loud bursts of static like sounds. BUT this girl is so hot, it makes up for it.

You can see all of Lucy’s very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Sexy Hairy Girl

July 26, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

Every time I check out this babe I always think she looks sexy. And she has a nice cunt, too. Jennifer is a wholesome girl who first appeared in scary hairy volume 621.

She currently has 20 galleries and they’re almost all marked as hot by the members of ATK Hairy. She’s also got 6 movies.

Jennifer is 20 years old and is currently a student. Me and her should fuck. She says that confidence turns her on, and I’m confident that I can give her a proper, deep fucking. She also says she’d like to have sex in the outdoors, and I’d like to fuck her in the woods or in a field, so there you go… perfect match! I doubt if anyone would really need much of an excuse to bang this dish.

Jennifer’s favorite positions are doggy and cowgirl. Her work is definitely worth checking out.

You can see all of Jennifer’s very nice work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Sexy Bush Babe Carolina

May 31, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

Carolina is a sexy looking babe with a bushy cunt. She’s also got meaty pussy lips and a great set of tits.

This hairy girl first appeared in scary hairy volume 618 around March 2009, and currently has 30 galleries available.

Her career with ATK only lasted seven months but in that time she did some really nice work. There are a bunch of comments made about her by the members of ATK Hairy and so far everyone likes her alot.

Carolina’s pussy looks tasty and her hole would feel great. One guy said he’d be cumming way before he even entered that pleasure dome, and another thinks she might be the sexiest woman on the site. But I’ve seen that said about alot of the girls.

Carolina is 25 years old and enjoys sexy dancing. She’s from California and says her favorite sexual position is underneath and all over the place.

You can see all of Carolina’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Cute Hairy Blonde

May 26, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

This cute and playful hairy blonde dish Heather appeared in Scary Hairy volume 616 back in early 2009. She’s got a nice furry cunt and she’s a decent spreader.

Heather has 17 galleries now, including a few hardcore ones and she also has four movies. Check out the movie of her sucking cock and you’ll definitely want that dick she’s sucking to be your’s. What a little cutie this chick is.

She’s 22 years old and is only 5’3. She likes hot, muscular men but she’ll fuck just about anyone. She also loves to have her nipples played with.

You can see all of Heather’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Busty Babe With Thick Red Bush

April 19, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

I’ve always liked checking out this hot redhead Ryanne. She’s a nice looking lady who has a nice shape to her and she’s got a thick red bush as well as a tasty looking slit.

Ryanne first appeared in scary hairy volume 615 and has done some very nice work. I know for sure that alot of our fellow hairy pussy lovers really like this chick too.

This hairy sweety has an awesome set of tits on her and she looks great from the front or the back. She’s also a nice spreader.

She loves big hard cocks and intimate conversation, and she enjoys watching or making porn. This is the kind of babe you want in your corner… and in your bed!

Ryanne loves all sexual positions and also loves to suck cock. She’s got 34 excellent galleries and 12 movies available.

Some of the comments that were made about her recently include, yummy little strawberry tart, wanna lick her all over n’ eat her up! And another that most everyone would agree with, I would LOVE to titty fuck you Ryanne!

You can see all of Ryanne’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Slim Hairy Hottie

April 12, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

This little hottie Leanne first came to ATK Hairy back in scary hairy volume 615, around February 2009. She’s slim and cute and she’s got a nice set of nuts on her as well as a tight looking pussy.

Leanne likes pretty much anything that has to do with sex. And by the way, you’re cute. And I like your short skirt and your cool tiger shirt. Can we fuck?

She’s got 10 galleries that have all been marked as hot, and did I mention that her pussy looks tight? I wouldn’t mind if she had a thicker bush but she certainly does look quite fuckable, and she also looks great from behind.

Leanne is 25 years old and works as an erotic masseuse. I bet she’d give you a pretty amazing hand job, but I’d still love to squirt up her cunt.

Her favorite sexual position is on her hands and knees but that doesn’t really explain if she loves to give head or if she wants a hard dick in her from behind?

The “similar models” link from her page gets you some really nice hot results and there’s alot of quality surfing right there.

You can see all of Leanne’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Sexy Hairy Bianca

April 05, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

Most hairy pussy lovers already know about Bianca. She was a very popular model who first came to ATK Hairy back in February 2009. She’s had a long and excellent career and has done some very excellent work.

She first appeared in scary hairy volume 615, and she currently has 50 galleries and 14 movies. She also appears in a dvd called, ATK Scary Hairy volume 4. So if you like this babe and want to see more of her spreading her hairy cunt then you’re totally in luck!

The first four shots here are from her first gallery, which was a pretty cool housewife set. I wouldn’t mind coming home to something like this every day, especially if she always had her cunt out.

These other two shots are from her most recent set, her 50th set, which came out in November 2012 and you can see how she changed over the years and how sexy a plump girl can really look. If she was giving out free blowjobs or flashing her pussy there’d be a lineup a mile long!

She’s 22 years old and has a 34DD bust. Biting and dominance turn her on, and she looks like she’d be a very nice fuck.

There are a ton of great comments about her that were made by the members of ATK Hairy, like for example, she was very popular and atk had alot of requests to bring her back, so they did… again and again. In all her 50 excellent galleries she has some different looks and hair styles and I’d say she gets much hotter every time she returns. I like her hair and yes, we should fuck. 

I think this one might be the best comment I read… OMG! Bianca makes me come sooo much! All of her is super sexy. Her beautiful face, great tits, awesomely huge round bottom and mind blowing bush, all go to make my cock absolutely rigid. I would love to fuck her senseless then have her jerk my cock till I erupt like a volcano and spunk all over her.

The similar models link from her page gets some nice results but I think I would have added Chloe in there too. Look her up as well when you get the chance.

You can see all of Bianca’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Hot Hairy Babe Sativa

March 22, 2013 By: HoRNy Rico Category: Hairy Pussy

Oh man. Sativa Verte. What a hot looking lady. She did some sets in 2006 then came back in 2009 and then again in 2012. And she looked hotter every time she came back.

Now she is totally hot and highly fuckable and her bush has grown in quite nicely. Recently she has been doing a ton of excellent galleries.

There are well over 100 galleries of her. I lost count. And they are all hot, with over 25,000 images in total. So if you especially like this awesome hairy babe then she’ll be making you squirt over and over. You’ll need a few days just to surf all her work, never mind the whole rest of the site.

She’s also got 43 sets at ATK Galleria and some more at ATK Premium. She must be one of ATK’s most overworked girls. But her work is amazing.

There are also 44 movies, and she appears in a bunch of dvds including ATK Natural & Hairy, Vol. 27: Hirsute Amateurs.

She’s 22 years old, likes hard rock and techno, and she likes dirty talking, sex stories and ass slapping.

Alot of people believe she is one of, if not the hottest girl at ATK Hairy right now.

There are loads of great comments made about her and here are some of my favorites:

One of the most beautiful girls here. I love her free spirit and how she loves her hair. Every woman should stop shaving and embrace their bodies!

Derek said it perfectly, Queen Sativa! After viewing these latest three videos, with 43 videos and over 25,000 photos, she is definitely the Queen of ATK and maybe of current porn generation!!! Sativa is one of the models I first saw that inspired me to join ATK. I’m glad she’s here.

Sativa is as close to perfection as it gets in my book. Her dark hair beauty excites me to no end especially her dark hairy bush. Every time I see her long pink tongue she creates in my mind fantasies about that instrument of undeniable sexual pleasure. Sativa you rock my masturbation world.

Jesus, Joseph and Mary Magdalene!! I took a whole month downlowding all her Zips, They should make it easier to download all these files

You can see all of Sativa’s excellent work at ATK Natural & Hairy.